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It’s a bit surreal realizing that Daddy and I are parents of a teenager.



You know, our culture often disparages teenagers and makes the parents of younger children fear the teen years. People talk about how horrible teenagers are and how difficult those years are…And sure, we might face some hard things together.

But hear this, my little teenager: I really like you.

I don’t just love you, like I have to because I’m your mom. I like you. You’re fun. And funny. And beautiful and witty. And you quote movies at just the right times to make everyone laugh, which is obviously a trait you got from your father. 😉 You are diligent with your schoolwork and super responsible with your siblings, especially the babies. I can’t imagine trying to run our crazy household without all your help.

God made you to be amazing, and you are. I know He has big plans for you – to do good things for His kingdom, like it says in Ephesians 2:10. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Just keep your eyes on Him.

I love you, darling Grace. Happy 13th birthday.


  1. WHOA! Beautiful! However, this means we have a teenage granddaughter AND a teenager in the house! YIKES!!!!!

    Love them both!!!!!

  2. So much love shining through these words! Beautiful to see a household of culture creators, going against the majority culture’s opinions of teenagerhood <3

  3. Ah, welcome to a new era in the life of your family!

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