How can it only be three years since you came into the world and changed our lives forever? SO MUCH has changed in our family since God gave us His love for you, and we are SO THANKFUL that He did it.

But then when I look at all the newborn photos Miss Dana took of you, it feels like it might have just been yesterday.

Time is elusive.

This I know:

You are a gift from God, fearfully and wonderfully made. Your beautiful eyes are captivating. Your laugh is pure joy. Your smile makes me smile.

You are quick to encourage. “I love you, Mama.” “Your eyes pretty, Mama.” “Hug me, Mama!” I hope you never lose that sweetness.

You love to laugh. And that makes all of us laugh.

You have come SO FAR since that time 3 years ago when you were a tiny, sick baby. We didn’t know what healing God would give you, and we are so thankful for your amazing development. You can run and jump and somersault and string together great sentences.

One of my favorite things about you is the way you remind us of the love that God has for us. He loves us – adores us, cares for us, died for us – because of no merit of our own. Just because He is good. And the way He brought you into our family reminds us of His love all the time.

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet boy. I love you so much.