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The Cherry Creek Community Church worship band entertained us at their pig roast. See Luke on the far right, playing the electric guitar?

Grace brushed this pony before she rode him.

Grace’s first pony ride! Thanks, Kathy, for letting Grace ride the pony! She had a great time!

Grace made fast friends with Abbie Belcher when we visited. I cannot believe Kelly and Abbie are getting so old!

I just can’t post without a cute picture of Caleb!

And a cute picture of Grace!

We found a free beach in Lowell, not too far away. Grace loved playing with her shovel and bucket!

A Sampling of the First of Four Rolls of Film…

Hyo-Sun Kim, our Korean exchange student/sister for the year

Erin, Hyo-Sun, and Caleb at Hyo-Sun’s going away party

Luke and Grace’s first ride on the new lawn tractor, right before they cut down our jungle

Great-grandma Laga stopped by for a visit with her first great-grandson!

Luke and his kiddos on Father’s Day

This picture is fun for two reasons. One: Grace didn’t mind that we made her a “swimming pool” out of our wheelbarrow. Two: she’s making the “monkey face.” Who doesn’t love the monkey face?

And who doesn’t love this sweet face?

Terry Sturman is our favorite photographer!

Our new family picture, with all four of us!

The sweetest picture of our little 3-month-old Caleb.

Caleb loves his puppy, just like Grace loves her lambie. Thanks, Debbie (and Steelcase PDM)!


Jambo (Jambo!) means hello (Hello!)…

Week One of Backyard Bible Clubs is over! We had 35-40 kids every day (except Friday, when a bunch of them went away for the weekend or had swim meets.) It was a little chaotic the whole week, but we survived! We didn’t see any salvation decisions this week, but we had some unchurched kids that were at least exposed to the Gospel. I hope we planted some seeds!

Our theme was a safari theme, called Kingdom of the Son. (It’s a VBS curriculum by GospelLight.) It was all about the Lord’s Prayer. I think it went pretty well, but I also feel like I was running around like crazy all week trying to make it happen, so I didn’t get much of a chance to just sit back and listen to the Bible stories and lessons.

Anyway, we survived! I was (and still am a little bit) exhausted! It was a rough week for me and the kids – very tiring for all three of us. And housework went to the wayside last week, so we’re trying to catch up now. Laundry and dishes – fun!

Hope everyone is doing well. Glad to hear that Mom and Dad Rumley, Zach, and Elyse are home safely from their trip to Georgia. Oh, and by the way, Emily’s wedding is in LESS THAN 9 WEEKS! WHOA! Are you ready, Em?


P.S. I’m in the process of getting pictures developed (FOUR ROLLS!), so more pictures to come…SOON!

Hog wild.

Yes, I did want to join the Manton Motorcycle gang after being able to drive that thing down the road at 65mph! It was awesome. Lacey will make sure that I don’t join the gang, at least for the time being.

I never imagined being a biker, but 60mpg could convert anyone with a 25 minute drive to work. For the record, Lacey’s Dad bought one first and has been riding them all his life, then Karl bought one.

Grace did get to ride and we will post some fun pictures of that once they are developed / scanned. She was scared at first, but got used to it.

Alonna has started a blog, and we updated our list of blog links over in the sidebar to include all the family blogs (I think). –>

Bed is calling…later,


A newer family picture:

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