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Election Day thoughts

I am baffled. Why has my generation abandoned traditional values for liberal views? I’m not talking about the unbelieving portion of our generation. I’m talking about Christian people. The gospel has not changed, so why have they?

How can someone who professes to be a Christ-follower also be pro-choice? How can you know the God of love, who protects the innocent and forbids murder, and yet say it’s okay to kill an innocent life? I know abortion is the never-ending debate, but I didn’t expect it to be a debate amongst Christians.

I admit, I’ve never had an unwanted pregnancy. I have had two unexpected pregnancies, but I’ve never not wanted my children. That’s a foreign concept to me. Even when Grace and Caleb are being awful, screaming, making messes…I’ve never said to myself, “I wish I would’ve had an abortion.” Or even worse, “I wish I would’ve had an abortion, and if I had, God would’ve thought it was okay.” That’s such a sickening thought to me. Come to think of it, I’ve never met anyone who has children and regrets not aborting them.

What kind of God would I serve if He thought it was okay to kill babies, depending on the circumstances? Today I’m praising Him for His faithfulness, His love, and His justice. I’m thanking Him for the kids He’s given me. And I’m especially thanking Him that He’s the God of LIFE.


One down, plenty to go…

As many of you know, we are taking a Crown Financial Ministries class, learning how to handle finances God’s way. We were so excited yesterday when we paid off one huge debt that has been looming over us for the last 9 months, without incurring the finance charges that were accruing over those 9 months. There are many more debts to go, but this will provide a big relief to our finances; it is fun to watch God provide!


P.S. Lacey is doing better than she was in the last post. We had a pretty restful Saturday, and a busy, but good Sunday.

I don’t want to be awake right now…

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Not a whole lot has been changing with my dad, and yet life has been CRAZY. Being with my dad four days a week, plus church responsibilities and having my whole family here all the time, makes for some very tired Rumleys. The past couple of days I’ve been very frustrated, because I know it will be a while until we can actually rest. I need some sleep, and my poor children need some sleep. Caleb hasn’t been sleeping well ever since the accident, and it doesn’t help to have all this going on. I know I need to have a better attitude, but I just feel exhausted with no hope of reprieve.

As far as my dad goes, things are still progressing, but it just doesn’t seem as fast since he started walking and talking. Sometimes he seems very clear on things (cognitively), and sometimes he seems confused. He talks about work a lot, and he has been pretty restless/claustrophobic. They say the restlessness is a normal thing to go through, and most people get better. I hope so, because he needs some sleep, too!

Well, that’s not a very uplifting update, is it? We do also have a lot to praise the Lord about. Our church family is one huge gift from God in our lives. They are so special to us, and so encouraging. Not only did they give us two generous Meijer gift cards, but they also got a work crew together and came to finish framing and drywalling a room in our basement so that my mom (and family) will have a place to stay other than the couch all the time. Isn’t that just amazing? I’m so thankful that God has placed us with a group of believers that truly see needs and take care of each other. I think that kind of unity and service really brings glory to God.

Our friends Craig and Kathy also had us over for dinner last night – thanks, guys! It was so good just to get away and have some great food and fellowship for a while. They are a fun, godly couple that we’ve learned a lot from, especially in the area of parenting. (Grace just loves their adorable daughters!) We’re thankful for their testimony and friendship.

I think that’s all I have to say for now. I will try to work on my attitude, and maybe by the time I post next, things will be better (or at least my outlook will be, ha!). Feel free to leave some encouraging Scripture or something to get my focus back where it should be! Bye for now!


And he’s walking!

Just a really quick update…

When I was in with my dad on Monday, he kept asking to take a walk, and I kept telling him he couldn’t walk yet. He’d get there, but not yet. Well, unbeknownst to me, he had walked in physical therapy that day! His therapist had him standing between the parallel bars, and he just started walking. So when he got to the end of the parallel bars, they put him in something called an eva walker, and he walked a total of 260 feet that day! And he’s still walking in therapy! Praise the Lord! His therapist wasn’t expecting him to be able to walk already; it’s definitely an act of God!

It was nice to be able to spend some quality time with him on Monday. We got to talk, and I trimmed his fingernails, and I read him some Scripture and his Daily Bread. It was nice to be able to do something after being away for a few weeks.

And guess what? He’s having some problems with his rear. (It’s a prayer request – but I won’t go into any more detail!) Anyway, his colon-rectal specialist is Ryan Figg, a friend from church! That’s got to be another God-thing.

So, remember, God is good, all the time! And have a great day!


P.S. I almost forgot! Caleb’s first tooth started to pop out today! He’s such a big boy!

P.P.S. Dad also got his trach out yesterday, which is wonderful! Now, keep praying that he’ll be able to have a strong enough swallow to have a drink of water.

He’s talking!

Good things have been happening. On Friday (I think? or maybe Thursday?) of last week, they changed Dad’s trach, and he is now able to talk! It been SO great to hear him verbalize what he’s thinking and feeling. It’s also a little sad, because one of the first things he said was, “I don’t want to be here.” And he keeps asking to go home. He also didn’t know what happened, so my mom had to explain a little bit of the accident to him (without the gory details). It has been nice, though, to hear him say “Hi, Grace” and “I love you” and things like that.

I think his therapies are going well, too. They’ve been working on standing with him. I guess he’s been improving quite a bit. At first, they had to have someone bracing his knees, and someone behind him bracing his shoulders and bottom. But now, they don’t have to have people bracing him. Just someone there to help him keep his balance. That’s great! He hasn’t even been there a week yet, and I feel like he’s improving so much.

Now, please pray for him to learn to swallow again. Once he learns to swallow on command, he can have his trach out. And he can have the drink of water that he’s been asking for. Also, please just pray that he’ll continue to be strengthened mentally and physically. He seems confused some of the time, so please pray for mental clarity for him.

Now, on an unrelated note, we celebrated Kade’s second birthday this past weekend. It was fun! Grace and Kade are best buddies, and they just love to be around each other. The first picture is of Grace and Kade opening one of his birthday presents. He was very gracious to let Grace help with the unwrapping!

And then the other picture is from last week, when Grace got to play on the playset that Grandma and Grandpa Rumley brought for her. She loves it. She was so excited that she walked around the house all day one day pointing to it and saying, “Papa, thank you. Papa, thank you.” So, thank you, DadR!


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