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What is normal exactly?

Praise for the day: Caleb’s tests went well yesterday (a sweat test and a blood draw), and we got the results back today. Everything is normal! Yay! So, now I just need to be sure he eats and sleeps well (not always an easy task), and hopefully all will be fine. That’s a load off my mind! Thank you, Lord!

And we’re trying to get the ball rolling for my dad to come down here to Mary Free Bed. We’ll know soon whether he’ll get to go there, or if he’ll have to be in a nursing home for a while. I think they’re pretty ready to discharge him from the hospital. Crazy!

He’s doing better each day, though. I know that when I see him next I’ll see a HUGE change. My mom said he’s been calling her over to him by turning his hand over and moving his pointer finger. (I don’t know how else to describe it. Do you know what I mean?) Anyway, I think it’s great that he’s communicating with her.

Not much more. Just some cute pictures of the kids. The first is Caleb and I during his sweat test yesterday. He’s a happy boy. The next one is Grace with her friend Karisa, after church last night. And the last one is Caleb standing up next to the bucket of blocks. He can pull himself to stand now, but I’ll admit, I helped him get up this time! : – )

Have a great day, everyone!


A week of healing

Just a week ago, we were praying specifically that my dad would be able to wiggle his fingers and toes. And in just that week, God has done wonders! Although I still haven’t seen him again, I’ve been told he is very responsive and alert (when he’s not sleeping after all his hard work). He is trying to sit up and hold his head up. He’s been able to wave at people, lift his hand for a high-five, nod in response to questions, hold up his arm and shoulder, touch his nose, move his head from side to side, hold his granddaughter Emma, and more! Praise the Lord for the great healing that has been happening! I wish I could be there to look in his eyes and see that he’s really in there, but my time will come. For now, we’re waiting down here in GR, and getting reports every day.

Again, thank you all for your prayers! Please keep them up! We’ve been so blessed by the many, many believers who have been remembering my dad and our family in prayer. I’m so touched by the many people who have never met my dad, yet they love us enough to pray for him. Thank you!

Even two of my Cubbies (a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old) have been praying for my dad. How cool is that? Little kids are just sweet.

Now, please pray that my dad will be well enough to go straight from the hospital to a rehabilitation center upon discharge. We’d love to skip the step of sending him to a nursing home. His recovery would probably be faster at a rehab center, because they’d be geared to working with him more. (That’s what they’re there for!)

Please, also keep praying for weight gain for Caleb and wisdom for me. He hasn’t been nursing very well lately, which stresses me out. I want to do what’s best for him. I don’t mind him being skinny. I just want him to be healthy.

That’s about all for now. Remember – God is good, all the time!


Just for smiles

Happy Caleb

He can pretty much crawl now, but only a couple of “steps” at a time. Crazy. Soon enough he’ll be everywhere!

Sweet sister and brother

Skinny baby

In the past couple of days, my dad has been able to respond to these commands:
-open your eyes
-close your eyes
-follow with your eyes (up, down, side to side)
-wiggle your toes
-move your head
-stick out your tongue

These are great improvements! Since he’s been out on the floor, he’s continued to improve. But he’s also been more tired because of a loud roommate and multiple therapies each day (physical, speech, and occupational therapy). Please continue to pray for him – especially that he’ll be able to respond with his hands (squeeze or wiggle fingers) and that he’ll be able to endure three hours of therapy each day. (The word is that three hours is the requirement for being able to get into a rehabilitation facility instead of a nursing home. This is our goal!) Also pray that he’ll be able to get some rest, as that is pretty important to his recovery.

And last, you can pray for Caleb and me. He had a doctor appointment today, and he’s actually lost a pound since his last appointment, which is pretty alarming. I think it’s because of all the stress of the past 2-1/2 weeks, but we’re taking extra precautions. He has to get some blood tests for iron and sugar (and probably more that I don’t know about). They also want to do a sweat test, which tests for cystic fibrosis, although the doctor doesn’t think that’s the problem. (CF babies are usually lethargic, which is definitely not the case with Caleb. It’s a just-in-case test.) And then they want me to start pumping to make sure my milk supply is okay and to add it to his cereal. Sheesh. I don’t have time for all of this craziness! So, pray for patience for me and weight gain for Caleb. He’s a skinny little boy!

Just for the record, I did ask about heredity, because Luke isn’t the chunkiest guy in the world. And the doctor said it would be okay if Caleb had had a pattern of not much weight gain all along, but weight loss is a problem. So, let’s hope it clears itself up. He’ll have a weight check in about six weeks.

That’s all for now.


I’m thankful for you!

Here’s the “Dad update” for this morning…They moved him out of ICU into a regular room (on the floor). My mom said he seems more tired there, because it’s louder, but hopefully that won’t hinder his progress. She’s not sure how long he’ll stay there before they’ll be ready to discharge him, and we also don’t know where he’ll go when he’s discharged. Lots of stuff to figure out! Not much more to update than that. He’s still about the same as far as opening his eyes, etc. We would still appreciate prayers, especially that he’ll be able to respond to more commands soon.

On a totally unrelated note, I am reading Created to Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl. (Thanks, MomR, for letting me borrow it! Did you know I stole it from the bookshelf during the wedding weekend?) I’m not too far into it yet, but so far it’s a wonderful book. She has great, godly, practical advice for women about how to be the kind of wife God intended. Not only that, but it’s an easy read. I highly recommend it!

In the book she talks about the importance of being joyful, and that thankfulness leads to joy. Well, just for the record, I’m SO thankful for my amazing husband. He’s a wonderful mate (he’s patient, understanding, loving, loads of fun and laughter, willing to help around the house, and more!), a super daddy (again, loads of fun and laughter, but also committed to consistent discipline), and a hard worker (superb work ethic – Steelcase loves him!). He’s been so supportive during this time with my dad in the hospital. I love it that he’s willing to love my family like they’re his own…I’m sorry if all that praise makes you uncomfortable, honey, but it’s all true!

Oh, that all women could have a husband like mine!


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