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Our cuties

Caleb is such a big boy! He’s sitting up in his crib, playing with his alphabet ball. We have a picture of Grace that’s very similar to this one, and look at her now! He’ll be all grown up before we know it!

Here he is, sitting up again, chewing on Grace’s rubber ducky. Did I mention that he’s teething? Oh, yeah, we can’t feel them yet, but we can see his two bottom front teeth getting ready to come out. Ouch!

Just because she’s pretty! Her 2nd birthday is two months from Thursday! Wow!

The countdown is on for Melissa, Karl, Kade, and Emma/Hailey (I’m not sure which name they’ve chosen for sure yet). The doctor will induce her on Tuesday, September 26 if she hasn’t gone into labor by then. And then I will have my first neice! How exciting!

Speaking of countdowns, only 4 days left until your first “sleepover,” Emily and Dan! SO excited for you!


What have I done?

We took a last-minute trip to Manton on Sunday night, to spend Labor Day with my family. It was a tiring trip with all the driving, but it was really good to see them. We had a great time! Thanks for the birthday gifts/cards and cake! Yum!

We went to the annual Harvest Festival parade in Manton. Alonna carried the banner for the AWANA float. It was fun to be there and see people I haven’t seen in ages. (Although, it’s a little weird to recognize someone and not be able to remember their name or why you should know them!) Anyway, I saw two of my friends from the past that I really haven’t seen in a while. One of them, Chris, still lives in the Cadillac area and has three kids. We used to ride the school bus together. He lived around the corner from my parents’ house. I think I lost track of him sometime around eighth or ninth grade.

Then Will. We went to school together for most of the thirteen years I was at Manton. He asked me to “go out with him” pretty much every three years (sixth, ninth, and twelfth grades). In spite of my “no” answers, we were still pretty good friends. Now he works down here in the GR area at a camp for disabled people. I think that’s a pretty cool job.

Anyway, today I was online, and I randomly found a whole bunch of people I went to high school with on myspace. (Myspace has the ugliest, weirdest bunch of web pages ever. They make my eyes twitch.) It made me sad. All of them talked about getting drunk and partying (except maybe one? not sure). None of them seemed to have the hope that comes from knowing Jesus.

And so I thought, what have I done, in the past, to either encourage them toward Jesus, or to push them away? I know in high school people viewed me as the holier-than-thou kind of person, because I wouldn’t drink and party, and I insisted on staying a virgin until marriage. (Which was the best choice ever!) I made mistakes, that’s for sure, but I still aimed to stay pure and keep my focus on walking a Christ-like walk. I don’t know if anyone ever appreciated that back then, or if they just resented me for it. I feel like I wasn’t able to really make relationships that changed people’s lives back then, though. Maybe I was too judgmental and not loving enough?

And, after so many years, what can I do now? I know prayer is powerful, and I can certainly pray for them. But is there more? It just makes me so sad to think that most of the people I grew up with will end up living aimless, purposeless lives. They don’t know the real purpose for living! I wish I could share it with them and make them understand. Living for the glory of God is infinitely better than living for our own glory. Maybe I’m finally really starting to understand the need for spreading the Gospel. I want to share this gift God’s given me!


Goodbye, Argi!

Thought you might like to know that Ms. Argi has been adopted by our next-door neighbors. They’re going to feed her to their turtle.


We are AWANA Cubbies, we’re happy all day long...

I’ve been a busy beaver trying to get ready for Cubbies, which starts in one week. (AUGH!) I’m excited for it, and think it’ll be a lot of fun, but also not feeling ready quite yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to get enough done this week to feel ready when it actually does start! We have 11 possible 3- and 4-year-olds coming this year, not including any new people that might show up. That’s a lot of little people!

I’m excited to finally use some of my college education, though. I feel like this is an area where I’ve been trained – so I might as well use my education and skills to the glory of God!

Emily’s wedding is in 2-1/2 weeks! Wow! I’m excited! We took our corsage/boutonierre class last night, and it was harder than the bouquets! I hope it goes well with the real flowers! Now I need to get my dress altered.

Happy news – Caleb is just about crawling! All the Rumleys except Erin and Betsey got to see him last Friday when he got up on his hands and knees and started rocking back and forth. He’s a pretty cute little kid. It won’t be long until he gets the hang of actually moving his arms and legs…and then I’ll have to chase him around the house all day! : – )

Speaking of babies…It feels like people are having babies all around me! My friend Diedra had a little boy named Isaac Robert 8 weeks ago. Then Angie had a litte boy named Alex Michael this month. Sheri, Kelly, Melissa, and Rebekah are due in October. Stephanie is due in December. Goodness! Must be the time of life, huh?

That’s enough babbling for now! Just wanted to update!


P.S. Grace and I were just looking at Dan and Emily’s pictures on their website, and I asked her who was in the picture, and clear as day, she said, “Dan.” So, there ya go, Dan-o. She likes her new uncle! : – )

Showers and flowers...

We had two successful bridal showers for Emily, and I’ve been wanting to post some pictures of the one that was at our house, but it takes forever to upload those things on dial-up. So, I guess it’ll wait until another day. Sorry! Let’s just say, we had a great time!

Emily and I took a class on making hand-tied bouquets last night, so that we can do all the bouquets for her wedding next month. The picture is actually the bouquet we made. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s not the exact bouquet that will be at her wedding, but it’s close to the right colors. Next week, we’ll learn corsages and boutonnieres. (Definitely had to look up the spelling on that one!)

The wedding’s coming soon! We’re excited!

Cubbies is starting soon, too – AUGH! It starts two weeks from today. I’m SO not ready. Yikes! And I can’t quite put Backyard Bible Clubs out of my head, either, because we have a follow-up meeting coming up with a couple of the elders. Sometimes ministry overwhelms me.


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