Picture Time!

Sleepy Caleb, 5 weeks old…

Grace likes to play behind the couch…

Grace and her baby brother…

Grace and her two church buddies – Noah (left) and Luke (right)…

It’s a girl!!!

Okay, so I know those of you who don’t keep up with us on a regular basis are thinking “What? I thought they already had their baby?” and “Wasn’t it a boy?” Well, you’re right about that! Caleb is almost six weeks old already! But…

We’re happy to welcome Tayler Ellen Brewster into our church family! Rusty and Kisha had their baby yesterday (Wednesday) at 4:06 pm. She was 8lb and 20 inches long. We’ll go visit them in the hospital today, and maybe someday we’ll be able to post pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’m pining for a digital camera. We had Emily’s over the weekend (because she accidentally left it here), and we took lots of pictures of the kids that we will post at a later date (once we retrieve them from said camera). Until then, we’re going to have to just wait…

Hope everyone’s doing great. Caleb’s dedication and Mother’s Day are both on Sunday. Exciting! Both the Rumleys and the Liabenows will be here (not all the Rumleys, but definitely all the Liabenows). We’re looking forward to it!


Congrats, grads!

Today was Emily and Dan’s graduation from Cornerstone. GOOD JOB, EMILY AND DAN! Emily is a smarty-pants. She graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors). Yay for her! So that means that we got to spend the day with the Rumley side of the family. Lots of fun and frenzy, that’s for sure.

I also got to see my long-lost college roomie, Chaeli. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, so it was really nice to see her again! Her crazy family was there because her brother Andy graduated as well. CONGRATS, ANDY!

That’s all for now. We’re going to go watch some old episodes of Lost, because we’re completely addicted to the show. Bye!


The art of sleeping…

If you don’t believe it’s an art, try teaching an almost-four-week-old how to properly sleep. Yikes.

I’ve been exhausted this week, probably because Caleb’s been more awake this week than ever. (More awake = less sleep for me.) So, I decided to start sleep-training him, like we did for Grace. It’s a long process, but she was sleeping through the night at three months old, and since about that age has gone down for naps and bedtime without a fuss. It’s been wonderful!

So yesterday I put him down (in his crib) for an afternoon nap, and he slept for more than two hours! YAY! That’s the longest stretch of napping he’s done yet. I’m hoping to continue that pattern.

So, right now, both of my children are in their own beds, sleeping away. I’m going to go take a stress-free shower! YAY!



I am blown away by our amazing church family. The people at FHBC are just WONDERFUL! The shower was great. I didn’t count, but probably 20-30 people were there. We played a fun scavenger hunt game, had tons of food, listened to a nice devotional about motherhood, and opened scads of presents. We received lots of cute boy clothes for Caleb, LOTS of diapers and wipes, and some other fun things like children’s books, puzzles, toys, and bibs.

And Kisha got us a Snugli carrier, which I’ve already used, on my first solo trip to WalMart. I put the baby in the carrier and Grace in the cart, and we were off! It was great!

Oh, and I can’t forget the yummy candy that Wendy bought. She got a bag of Rolos and a huge bag of yummy mini candy bars for Luke, as well as a bag of Dove chocolate for me! We’re going to be on a sugar high until that’s all gone! :-)

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Friday we’ll hang out with Emily and Dan. Then Saturday will be full with rummage sales (FHBC and Ada Christian), Spring Splash, and a Steelcase hockey game. Fun!

I ordered this crib set for Caleb today. It’s by Carter’s, whom I love. I’m excited to decorate his room a little bit!


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