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Argiope aurantia

I was standing about two feet away when I saw this gigantic spider who apparently thinks our motto is “mi casa es su casa.” It’s an “argiope aurantia,” or common garden spider. The name “garden spider” makes it sound like I should invite it to tea or something. Trust me; this is not the case. This thing gives me the creepy-crawlies just thinking about it. Rumley girls, you would have screamed if you were here. This picture is one that Luke took through the basement window, since Ms. Argi has built her home there. I asked Luke to kill our new houseguest, but he thinks it’s good that she’s eating our bugs for us. In fact, she was eating one as he took that picture.

If you want to read about Argi and her friends, this is a good site. One disturbing thought gleaned from this informative site: This spider can have an egg sac containing anywhere from 300 to 1400 babies, which hatches in the late summer/early autumn. If we have 1400 of these scary spiders around our house, I’m either moving out or declaring war.


We’re still alive!

The plant didn’t end up poisoning us. I was pretty nervous for a while there, but things ended up fine.

More good news…Caleb slept through the night last night! From 10pm until 7am. Not bad, hey? We’ve been waiting for it to happen. Funny thing is, I’m STILL tired! MomR says the tiredness lasts at least 25 years. Lovely.


The Cardinal Flower

Grace and I were walking around our yard and pond tonight, when I spotted this beautiful plant near the pond:

So of course I picked one of the flowers for Lacey and took it back to the house because it was so cool looking. I held it, then Grace held it, then Lacey held it.

Lacey put it in some water, then got herself some water (touching the ice), drank it, then nursed Caleb.

Guess what? IT IS POISON!!! “Beautiful, but deadly…” that site says. Yikes!

Hopefully, just a small amount, if any, was ingested by Grace or Lacey. Some prayer wouldn’t hurt. Thanks,


Remember this?

It wasn’t so long ago. Well, it’ll be three years in December already!

I FINALLY bought a photo album for all of our wedding pictures. I can’t believe it took me 2-1/2 years to do that. Thank you, WalMart, for stocking a wedding album I like. Now, whoever would like to browse through our wedding photos does not have to hold a huge stack of pictures. Instead, there are ten photos in each 2-page spread. Quite pleasant to look at, actually. : – )

Now, it’s Emily’s turn! I can’t believe there are only 32 days until the wedding! YAY! I love weddings, especially when it’s my sister (in-law)! I just need to get rid of these pesky tan lines before wearing that strapless dress!


Grace’s First Pigtails!

So stinkin’ cute!

The rodeo tickets are still for sale – don’t get distracted by the cuteness.


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