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Something New to Do With Olive Oil!

Okay, so this isn’t new to me. But it might be new to you, which is why I wanted to share!

Quite a while back, I ran out of my Mary Kay Timewise facial cleanser and moisturizer. I thought it worked well, but was quite pricey. If you’ve hung out here long, you know I’d rather get a good deal than spend a small fortune on anything. So I quit buying it.

And I switched to something really inexpensive AND very natural.

It’s called the Oil Cleansing Method.

My cleanser is now comprised of two elements: olive oil (about 70-80%) and castor oil (20-30%).

Yep, regular ol’ olive oil, that you might have in your pantry.

olive oil

And castor oil, which is found in the laxative section. Kind of weird to think that I’m putting a laxative agent on my face, but it is actually derived from the castor seed (major producers are India, China, and Brazil).

Castor Oil

As I was reading through the very informative Wiki page about castor oil (Wikipedia is always right, right?), I discovered something interesting…A castor oil derivative is actually FDA-approved for over-the-counter use on skin problems, and castor oil also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Funny I learned all of that as I was typing this post, 18 months since I started using this method!

Anywho, back on track…

I keep my face wash in this little plastic container.

face wash

When I fill it, I pretty much just eyeball it. Pour the castor oil in, add the olive oil, put the cap on, and gently shake to mix.

Then, every evening, I smear it all over my face in a nice little face massage. I even use it to get my eye makeup off (which works really well). Then I get my water as warm as I can stand it, soak a washcloth, and wash it all off again. (Okay, I think I’m supposed to let the heat from the washcloth penetrate my face for a minute before I take off the oil, but I just don’t have all the time in the world.) It’s pretty much rinse the washcloth, rub the oil off my face, rinse the washcloth, rub the oil off my face…until my face feels reasonably un-oiled.

You might think it’s crazy to wash your face with oil, but let me tell you something! When you use commercial cleansers that are too harsh on your skin, your face dries out and then produces MORE oil to overcompensate for the drying you’re causing. This gives you a bad cycle, often resulting in not only dry/oily skin, but also acne. (Oh, goodness, I’m starting to sound like an infomercial, aren’t I?)

Since I began cleansing with oil, my skin has become so much more balanced…Not really dry OR oily…And I NEVER use a facial moisturizer anymore. I don’t need one. As far as acne goes, I hardly ever have it, except occasionally due to period hormones OR if I pick/squeeze/prod the skin on my face. If I leave it alone, I’m good.

So, tell me – are you happy with your facial regimen? Do you put anything wacky on your face? Are you brave enough to try the Oil Cleansing Method? There’s more detailed information here if you are.

(This post was NOT sponsored by the olive oil or castor oil industries.) 😉

Repurposed: Another Dress to Skirt Transformation!

I was so inspired after my last sewing success that I rummaged through my closet for another dress I could change.

And I found one. Yay!

I bought this dress on clearance at Meijer for $5 a few years ago. Clearly I am not a brand snob.

The look just didn’t work for me, with the long sleeves and the hood.

So I gave it the old chop-eroo.

This is what was left:

I should have taken pictures for the actual sewing part, but I’ll just have to describe what I did.

First, I hemmed the top of the skirt to create a channel (like last time). Except, this time I sewed the entire channel shut. (On purpose, I promise.) Then I used sharp scissors to cut two little slits in the front of the skirt.

I pulled the string out of the leftover hoodie part, attached a safety pin to it, and threaded it through the channel (into one slit and out the other).

Then, I used the leftover sleeves to make a ruffle at the bottom. I just cut the sleeves into pieces of equal height, sewed them together, and then used a long stitch length (with no backstitching) to sew across the top of the long piece of fabric. Then, I pulled one of the two threads, to make a ruffle.

I attached the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt, and….


It’s super comfortable, and the only thing I would have liked better is if it was floor-length. Hey, for free, I’m pretty happy with it! 🙂

So, do you have any old clothes lying around that you can repurpose?

Book Review: The Money$avingMom’s Budget

I started reading early in 2008 when my frugal journey began.

Crystal Paine is the woman behind the site, and she is a Christian homeschooling mama of three kiddos. She grew up in a large family, and her parents did a splendid job of teaching her sound financial principles. Her husband grew up similarly, and when they were married, they agreed to stay out of debt.

Smart people.

Through law school and the births of their three children, they kept their promise by being extremely frugal. (I.e. they were content with what they had. Novel idea, no?) They both have entrepreneurial spirits, and Crystal began teaching others her frugal tips. I would call her the godmother of the frugal bloggers.

So, I came on the scene just as she was becoming uber-popular. And I’ve stuck with her site for the past almost-four years. Which is why you can imagine that, even though I’ve never met her, I’m excited that she had the opportunity to publish a book!

And I might have let out a little teenager-ish squeal when I discovered that Dave Ramsey endorsed the book! Dave Ramsey! {SQUEAL!}

Many of you know the financial journey that Luke and I have been on. (Definitely not as cool as Crystal’s story – in which they bought a beautiful home with 100% down. Not kidding.) We married with about $40,000 in school loans, $5,000 in car loans, and a little bit of credit card debt. We also then built a house and put more on credit cards, bought a van when we became preggo with our second baby, and pretty much felt like we were completely drowning.

Crown Financial Ministries was a helpful beginning for us, to give us the right perspective that everything we have belongs to God. And Dave Ramsey’s principles gave us the practical advice for how to get ourselves out of the mess we’d made. All praise to God – we paid off about $75,000 in debt in three years! And the freedom we feel being debt free is part of the reason we’re passionate about financial stewardship.

As for the content of the book…It’s a great summary of all the principles Crystal teaches on her site, and it would be a great supplement to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University curriculum.

If you’re an FPU graduate, you’ll easily see Ramsey’s influence on Crystal’s words. Many of the principles she teaches are right up Dave’s alley (budgeting, using cash instead of credit, etc). I see this as a real selling point! (You might not agree.)

She starts at the very beginning…If you’ve never written a budget, don’t be intimidated! This book is for you! She gives you very practical instructions for where to begin and encouraging stories of people who have been in your shoes.

If you’ve gone through FPU, or read frugal blogs, or feel financially sound…I’d still recommend it! Even if you know every single principle in this book, it’s simply a great reminder and encouragement to keep on keeping on. Staying focused on financial responsibility is not always easy, and Crystal’s book gives a little extra motivation.

Subjects covered include getting a handle on your financial situation, budgeting, couponing (including advanced techniques), and loads of other frugal tips from going out on the town without breaking the bank to lowering your grocery bill without clipping coupons.

My conclusion: Whether you’re rich or poor, this book is for you. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Order now for the January 10 release!

(I received this book from the publisher, without compensation. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.)

Frugal Frame Upgrade

A few weeks ago, I picked up a picture frame at the give-away table at church. It wasn’t my most favorite color frame, and the insides wouldn’t go well with our current decor. But I had an idea.

Here’s a hasty picture of what the frame (sort-of) looked like when I picked it up. (I’d already taken it apart, and threw it back together for this picture.)

I rolled on some Fired Earth paint by Valspar, which I got as a free sample in the mail. Then I printed a few pictures at Sam’s Club, taken last fall by the lovely Jillian Bowes.

Here’s the finished product, hanging on the wall in our bedroom (pardon my reflection)…

Total cost…$9.

Frugonomics Answer

Sorry to leave you all hanging!

Some of you have such faith in my deal-scoring abilities. Thank you for the flattery!

Emily actually had the closest guess at $8.34…The total price I paid for 2 pairs of jeans, a 3-pack of gum, floss, sour cream, 2 packs of dishwasher detergent, frozen juice, popsicles, 2 boxes of ice cream sandwiches, and 10 packages of frozen veggies was….


Thanks for playing!

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