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A fall favorite: APPLES!

As I mentioned before, we take an annual trip to DK Orchards in Conklin, MI. And we love it! It’s a family-run establishment, and they act like it. They’re friendly, and they don’t charge admission (ahem-Klackle), and they have the best prices around here ($4.75/half-bushel this year).

So, this year we picked two bushels, and we will head back to pick maybe one more bushel in the next couple of weeks. So far, we have eaten lots, made only ONE pie filling to freeze, and made LOTS o’ applesauce! I’m going to be prepared when Baby J starts eating fruits! 🙂

I’ve made 4 large crockpots and 3 medium crockpots full, and it was SO EASY that I thought I’d share the process with you!

DSCN4395_smallFirst, “I” rinsed and dried the apples. Actually, our three munchkins wanted to help, so (from right to left) Grace rinsed, Caleb dried, and Ava placed (read: dropped) the apples in a bowl.

DSCN4375_smallNext, I used my handy-dandy peeler-corer-slicer. I could not do apple prep without this thing (at least not without complaining a lot – right, Luke?)! After they were peeled, cored, and sliced, I used a knife to cut through the middle to make half-slices.

DSCN4376_smallThen I threw the prepped apples into the crockpot. When it was full, I added some water (1/2c – 1c).

DSCN4364_smallThen I cooked them on low for a long time. Eight-ish hours? I tested them with a potato masher to make sure they were soft enough.

*I didn’t get a picture of this part, but I discovered this year that if I strain the apples before mashing them, guess what I get? Fresh, hot cider!!! My hubby loves cider, so this was a very happy discovery! Basically I just put my mesh strainer into a bowl and poured the cooked apples in. After the cider was strained out, I proceeded to the next step…

Edit: Just found out Luke doesn’t actually like the “cider” from this process. It might be the variety of apples, or maybe something else, but he thinks it tastes funny. Oh, well, I guess.

DSCN4365_smallIf you want chunky sauce, I would recommend just using the masher to squish it up. Since I wanted mine pureed for baby food and to use in recipes, I dumped the apples in my blender and pureed for about 10 seconds.

DSCN4366_smallAnd we have APPLESAUCE! Yay!

You may have noticed that I did not add any sugar or cinnamon. You can definitely add it, but the sauce is actually quite sweet as it is. We will most likely add cinnamon sometimes when we serve it.


DSCN4382_smallTo store the applesauce, I used freezer jam jars and applied labels (made on my computer). I will also freeze some in ice cube trays and then put the applesauce cubes into a gallon-size baggie to store. Then I can pull a couple of cubes out to thaw for Jaden’s meals. (Since we have an ice-maker in our fridge/freezer, I actually only own one ice-cube tray that makes heart-shaped cubes! I hope to pick up some regular trays soon! I’m thinking WalMart or dollar store?) 🙂

So, there you have it! A fun, frugal Rumley tradition!


  1. How fun! Mom, Z, & E are at the orchard as I type this. Lots of great memories there, both new ones being made and old ones from days gone by.

  2. Those ARE great memories for me! I made Micah take me to the orchard this year because I missed it. So far, we have one batch of applesauce and the filling for one apple pie. Hopefully, I will finish the rest of the apples tonight!

    So fun to see your lil kiddos helping out. They will definitely remember doing that later on in their lives!

    Aunt Betsey

  3. Elyse says: “The apple orchard was really fun. The apples were HUGE! It took me an hour and a half to eat one. Can you guess how big it is now? Loveyoubye!

  4. Glad your apple picking went well! Ours is another story – check my blog in about an hour.

  5. So fun! Your kids will treasure those memories forever. I remember making applesauce with Mom, and the smell of it cooking on the stove. Mm mm mm!

    And baby Jaden is CUTE! He’s one accelerated little bopper, isn’t he?

  6. Such a great idea to make huge batches of applesauce in the crockpot! I bake 4 apples at a time and then puree them in the food processor, but your way looks way better:)
    I agree, it doesn’t need anything added…so sweet and good all by itself:)

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