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Brain dump

I am overwhelmed.

I wouldn’t say life with four kids is necessarily any harder, but I would say it feels much busier. I feel like I’m running all day long and cannot keep up with the kids, dishes, laundry, cleaning, organizing, appointments, church, Base Camp, friends, family, cooking, etc, etc…And I fall asleep exhausted (and late) each night with good intentions rolling around in my head for the things I’d like to still get done that night…How do people do it?

I read mommy blogs a lot, and some people make life with kids look like a breeze. My life these days is more like a hurricane!

I dream of being ultra-organized, with a happy, comfortable routine. It hasn’t happened yet. And we face more changes in a month-and-a-half when my sweet girl goes off to kindergarten. *tears*

Part of me loves blogging. I have always seen writing as an outlet, and it’s fun to me to be able to express things in writing.

I think I write better than I talk sometimes.

And this past year of couponing and becoming a frugal mama has been wonderful. Amazing for our budget. Fun.

I want to share the secrets to frugality with others, hence I’m excited to do it.

And I’m a little scared about it.

If I can’t keep up with my life prior to officially becoming a mommy blogger, how will life look after the site launches?

Therefore, after a massively long post (this one), I am going to take a little hiatus. I’m considering a week-long (or longer?) Internet fast to just take the time to catch up on life and seek the Lord about my priorities and the balance (or lack of balance) in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Internet. My husband has convinced me of the wonder of technology. Yet, part of me wishes we could go back to the age of writing letters. Real letters. There’s just something special about waiting and anticipating that technology has robbed us of.

That was a rabbit trail.

Anywho, I will now share a bazillion pictures that I’ve been meaning to share for a couple of weeks. (Bazillion is just a rough estimate.)

Saturday, July 11 – We went strawberry picking. What a gorgeous day! We also got free slurpees at 7-Eleven.

Monday, July 13 – We enjoyed a wonderful visit from my best friend from childhood, Jana, and her baby, Dominik. It was so nice to catch up with her! (*Picture courtesy of Grace or Caleb.)

Can you believe I got a picture of both boys smiling?!

Tuesday, July 14 – Zach and Elyse spent the day here, since Mom and Dad R were on vacation celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. We had a really good time with Z&E, and they were very helpful! The kids all enjoyed playing with the water guns that Mom and Dad sent for them to play with.

Z&E forgot their swimsuits at Emily’s house, and they got very wet during the water gun fights. So, I threw their clothes in the dryer and gave them some of our clothes to wear. So this is Zach as “Luke” and Elyse as “Lacey.” 🙂

Wednesday, July 15 (8 years since Luke and I officially started dating!) – We met Emily, Zach, and Elyse at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum to play, and then had a little picnic in the park nearby. Zach spent a lot of time at the table of dominoes.

Thursday, July 16 through Saturday, July 18 – My first ever garage sale. (That is, the first I’ve ever hosted. Not the first I’ve ever been to, of course.) What a LOT of work! I’m still getting the garage back in order!

The girls who live next door came and helped out with the sale and the kids. Here’s Dani with Ava. They had fun together. 🙂

The kids had fun goofing around with stuff at the garage sale. Here’s Grace wrapped in baby blankets, playing with this bird that squawks when you squeeze its beak.

And a picture of 7-week-old Jaden, just because he’s so stinking cute.

The other three are pretty stinking cute, too!

Grace had her 3-month diabetes check-up yesterday, and it went wonderfully! Good news – the test results came back, and she does NOT have Celiac Disease! Praise the Lord! Also, her A1C was even better than last time – 7.4 (goal is 7.5 – 8.5). And we signed up for the Intro to Pumping class in September, where she’ll get a practice pump to take home and try out. She decided she wants to get a pink pump, which is actually an option! It’s nice that the technology has come far enough to make them more kid-friendly.

Meijer trip yesterday – spent $14.97, saved $86.81, earned $5 OYNSO. For this week’s Meijer deals, since I’m too busy at the moment to detail them out, visit here and here.

Okay, folks, if you made it this far, GOOD JOB! Thanks for hanging in there. I will (hopefully) not have that nagging feeling in the back of my brain anymore (at least for a little while) telling me that I need to blog.

I will be back when the time is right!


  1. Great update! The kiddos are as cute as ever! Frugonomics is going to be awesome! I’ve actually had a website in the works for a LONG time, but the only reason I haven’t launched it is because I can’t think of the perfect name. Don’t worry…my website isn’t about money…it’s more of an all-around women’s website. Anyways…I love the way yours looks so far, and I’m sure it will be a hit. Let me know when it launches, and I’ll be sure to plug it for you! Tim can plug it for you, too. He has almost 100,000 twitter followers because of his business, so hopefully we can get you tons of hits! I’m sure Luke has tricks up his sleeve, too!

  2. Of course, you amaze me! Won’t blog for a week – WHAT? It does eat away your day, I will admit that. Looking forward to your “frugonomics” opening up – I need to learn how. I have basic ideas, but I want to hear your thoughts too.

    About a routine – my Dad always said, if the kids are happy, nothing else matters. That made my mom of five children very happy.

    My thought: Husband first, kids, second, meals third, laundry fourth, after that – it is up in the air if anything else gets done (and I have been doing this for 30 years). I also tried a schedule of doing a different job on different days. Such as: bathrooms on Tuesday, groceries on Thurday, etc. Add to that homeschooling, and the other four priorities and you have more work than one day allows. So, love your husband and kids, nothing else matters (except they might want to eat now and then). Kids are great helpers even if they don’t do the job as good as you want, at least it is done somewhat.

    Love you and you are a GREAT mom, wife and daughter-in-law.

  3. Hey Lace,
    I think your doing wonderful as a fulltime mom of FOUR! I agree with your mom, if everyone is happy and fed and are learning about the Lord, you have then accomplished so much, everything else is secondary. No one can be supermom, and if you were. . . then the rest of us would feel like crap because we can’t do it all!
    I think it’s time you get a mommy’s day off to relax and rejuvinate (if possible). If it makes you feel better, I only have ONE and barrreeelly make it through some days!

    Chaeli 🙂

  4. I don’t have any tips for you, considering I’ve never had kids, but I guess that’s ok because if I was leaving you the best advice in the universe you wouldn’t read it for at least a week anyway!

    I will just say this – I’m doing the stay-at-home-mom-with-no-kids gig right now, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I am free of all conceivable pressure and stress, virtually no deadlines in my life. And it’s BORING. It’s hard to be motivated enough to get out of bed in the morning when you know no one will notice. I just wouldn’t recommend you switching your career to this one – not worth it!

    You and Luke have always impressed me as being incredible parents – you are looked up to by so many! Your children are wonderful, and everyone loves them. I would never guess that your life lacks balance or organization. I feel comfortable in surmising that your house is probably more organized than mine right now…and I have no children and not really a whole lot of stuff! I hope you’re not discouraged. I think you are as close to superwoman as a human being can get.

    Dad always likes to quote that Bible verse that says (more or less), “If you want to criticize me, look at how my kids have turned out and THEN if you have something to say, say it.” By looking at your four delightful children, no one could criticize you or Luke. NO ONE.

    I love you, Lace! Thanks for the personal post. It’s fun to hear what’s going on in your mind. We don’t get together often enough. (ooops – I mean that to convey that I like seeing you guys….NOT that you need to add another social gala to your calendar! my bad!)

    Betsey/Buzz/Aunt Betsey

  5. Aw. Betsey says it all, and so eloquently. I agree.

    Love you, Lace!

  6. Well… I hope to see you post more in the future, but I understand having to give things up. I used to post daily. That was in college when I also listened to music daily and ran often just because it felt good and I had the time. Blogging is one thing I have given up and for quite some time. As you know… my posts are few and far between, but it’s still nice to put something up and let people see how things are going. I hope you will be refreshed from your fast and see where you should go from here. The Lord will surely let you know…

  7. I must echo everyone else’s comments. I think you do a wonderful job as wife/mother/daughter/BaseCamp Director/etc. I don’t have any kids, and I can’t keep my house clean!

    Of course I will miss the blog if you give it up, but your family is more important. I understand. Several of the blogs I read regularly have quit due to family needs, and I have to admire each of them for putting their family first. That’s where it needs to be!

    Love you!

  8. Lacy,

    I am SOO excited for the launch of your website…I often talk about your blog to friends at work as we are all trying to learn how to be a little more frugal and green.

    It really is amazing what mom’s can accomplish if they have tips, suggestions and support from other moms. I have not yet entirely figured out your amazing moving savings yet but that is one of my goals by the end of the summer.

    It is so impressive that you have maintained the your blog so regularly…you entirely need a break from that every now and then 🙂

    Hope you and the family are all doing well!


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