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CHEAP Kool-Aid, mac ‘n’ cheese, and sugar at Meijer this week!

Kool-Aid packets are on sale $2 for 20 at Meijer this week. In addition, when you buy 20, you can get a free 5-pack of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

In May, there was a coupon for $.50 off 10 packets of Kool-Aid. Use 2 of these coupons to bring your total down to $1 (or FREE if your store doubles; mine does not).

THEN use 2 of the coupons from today’s SmartSource – buy 10 packets of Kool-Aid, get $2 off any sugar. I’m guessing you can get sugar close to $2, though I haven’t been to Meijer this week to check.

So, for free-ish or $1-ish, you can get 20 packets of Kool-Aid, 5 boxes of Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese, and 2 bags of sugar! That’s a GREAT deal!

*More Meijer deals to come later this week, as well as the unveiling of our new frugal blog! Stay tuned!


  1. Meijer-less, once again. Poo. At least Sams keeps us loaded down with mac and cheese!

    Yay, frugal blog! I will be tuned.

  2. As usual, you’re still amazing! I’m with Erin, anxious to see the new website. Maybe it will help me understand all the mumbo-jumbo you talk and write about (other websites too). Good job!

  3. My area didn’t get the sugar coupons (nor the Starbucks ice cream ones). So disappointing. I had already used the Koolaid printables, but even without them, if it’s something you’ll use anyway, it’s still a good deal. The 5-box mac and cheese costs more than the Koolaid does!

  4. meijer sugar not on sale is $2.99 … can you tell i have worked there too long and just know this stuff … it was on sale last week so i doubt it will be on sale this week …

  5. Thanks, Becky! Any idea about brown sugar prices? It probably doesn’t taste very good in Kool-Aid, but I need it more than regular sugar! 🙂

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