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Counting my blessings!

It’s sad to me that it’s so much easier to praise God on the sunny days than the rainy ones. I need to work to remember that if we didn’t have rainy days, we wouldn’t have the beauty of all the green earth, and we wouldn’t appreciate the sunny days as much, either.

Well, on this gloomy day when I feel like snuggling up and reading a tear-jerker book (i.e. Karen Kingsbury), I choose to instead count my blessings…

1. Caleb is a big boy. For two reasons: (1) He’s potty trained!!! {GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!} and (2) He’s in AWANA Cubbies!!! Here’s a picture of him at his first night of Cubbies:
Even though I always thought he’d be too “busy” for learning, he memorized the Cubbies motto and key verse in NO time! YAY, Caleb!

2. Grace is a smart little whipper-snapper. She has mastered the days of the week and the concepts of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. She’s also conquered 49/52 of the single-letter phonogram flashcards (there are 26 manuscript and 26 cursive). That means she knows even more SOUNDS than that, because each card represents up to three sounds (depending on the letter). We’re reading The Secret Garden together, and even though she might not understand it all, she loves it! It’s one of my favorite parts of the school day. She also started AWANA Sparks, and I cannot tell you her excitement the first night when her leader gave her a new (pink) Bible! Oh, that she will have that excitement for God’s Word all her life! (And even if it’s not encased in pink – ha!) Here’s a picture of her right before her first time in Sparks:

2. Ava never ceases to amaze us with her humor and vocabulary. She has such personality! She makes us all laugh quite often, especially at the dinner table. Speaking of the dinner table, the other night, right before dinner, she was running around in shorts with no diaper. And we forgot. And she peed in her shorts. Since bathtime was right after dinner, we didn’t want to waste a diaper just for dinnertime. SO, my hilarious husband made her this outfit:
She could be a CVS spokesmodel.

3. Did I mention my hilarious husband? He’s incredibly handsome, too:

4. Oh, and that adorable baby God blessed us with? He can roll both ways and wiggle himself in all directions. He would love to be more mobile, but 3 months is a little young for crawling! And can I mention that this wonder-child sleeps at least 12 hours each night? Glorious.

5. We had a good (if not short) time during our annual trip to the apple orchard. We got there a little later than we should have, so we didn’t actually spend much time in the orchard compared to other years, but it was still fun. And we got 2 bushels of apples to make into pie filling and applesauce for the coming year. ($4.75 per 1/2 bushel is the cheapest I’ve found – at our favorite DK Orchards in Conklin.) Here’s a picture of the kids in the oversized wooden chair at the orchard:

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make His face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn His face toward you
and give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Elyse says: “Luke, you are so funny, even though Ava does look cute in that. I wish I could go apple picking with you. Loveyoubye.

  2. Now this is actually MOM:

    I teared up knowing my grandchildren are learning God’s word. How exciting!

    Caleb, good job on the potty training. You beat your Dad in that department.

    All your children are amazing (including their Dad). But, where is the picture of the amazing women behind those amazing children/husband?

    Such an uplifting post – much better than the sad one just before this one.

    God is good, all the time – love you all!

  3. Of course Grace is a smartie- you guys are both smart!!! Hello! Also, I am quite jealous of Jaden giving you 12 hours of sleep a night. Brennan just started doing that at SIX months!!

  4. Ummm, why does Ava have so many band-aids on her arms?

  5. Mom Rumley – Wow. Caleb’s dad still isn’t potty-trained? He must wear one of those bag outfits to dinner every night!

    Lace – what a fun post! Thanks for the pictures; those are always fun. Your lil kiddos look SO excited to be at Awana! That’s fun. Ava IS hilarious – it’s so awesome to watch her little personality come out. She kept it to herself for so long! Grace knows more about English phonetics than my 7th-grade ESL students. Atta girl!

    These posts always make me miss you guys. This one in particular makes me miss apple-picking, too. We should hang out.

    Love you!
    -Aunt Buzz

  6. Oh my boo – you crack me up! I hope Luke got a kick out of it too. I guess you two should have been in RISEN – great one-liners!

  7. Hey, Betsey, good work on seizing the opportnity when it’s right there! 🙂 Fun post, Lace; made me smile the whole time! THANKS!

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