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Happy {belated} 16th birthday, Alonna!

Yesterday (November 11) my baby sister turned 16!

When I was 16, she was almost 5. Now that she’s 16, my daughter is almost 5! Wow, that makes me feel old!

On Tuesday, the kids and I made the trek up north to my parents’ house. I left the kids (minus baby J) with my parents, and Jaden and I went to Alonna’s school to surprise her and take her out to lunch.

As I drove to my alma mater, I was fully prepared to not know anyone in the building. I know much of the staff has changed since I graduated in 2000.

The first person I saw was my Uncle Dan. (Duh! He works there as a high school special eduction teacher.) The next person I saw was one of Alonna’s good friends. I also got to visit my favorite high school math teacher – Mrs. Hiller! It was fun to catch up with her after all these years away.

Anyway, back to ALONNA, the actual reason for this post!

Alonna was happily shocked, which is definitely the reaction Jaden and I were hoping for. We whisked her away to KFC in Cadillac, where Melissa met us for a sisters’ lunch. How fun! I could definitely do that more often. It was relaxing and fun to be able to catch up (and to celebrate Alonna, of course!).

Alonna, if your oh-so-slow dial-up Internet allows you to read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you and are proud of the young lady you’ve become! Always follow after Jesus with your whole heart!


  1. How cute, Grace! You are one smart cookie! I always thought so. Now you proved it. I love your cursive writing – very neat! Happy birthday, tomorrow!

    Alonna – 16? Where did the time go? Drivers’ license next and she can drive down to see YOU next time. Scary thought!

    Have a great first friends’ birthday party!

  2. Happy birthday, Alonna! 16 is such a great birthday, you will be able to drive yourself soon. Congrats!

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