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Home before Christmas!

Good news! Emily has been making GREAT progress at Mary Free Bed, and she will be going home on December 22 – just in time for Christmas! Praise the Lord!

Here’s the latest from Dan:

Emily leaves Tuesday, December 22!!!

We go home and begin outpatient therapy here at Mary Free Bed. It’ll be 11 days here in therapy and 10 days shorter than the doctor expected her to be here. The first meeting he said “Our average stay here is 2 1/2 weeks, but I think you’ll probably be here for 3…” which put us after Christmas. Emily shot back that she was going to be home for Christmas and she is. Thank God!

Saturday she couldn’t move her arm at all. Today she is continuing more and more exercises to strengthen her arm and shoulder, as well as her wrist and hand. Getting more strength and moving her wrist and hand are the next steps toward a complete recovery.

Everyday she gets more and more strength. She walks very well with a cane now and is expected to begin walking without a cane in a couple days. She walked up 5 flights of stairs and did a ton of walking today. Yesterday and today she did some exercises with weights on her ankles to build muscle in her legs and she is now EXHAUSTED. But she loves it.

She has a great spirit; when she gets tired she puts her nose down and keeps going. It’s showing with constant improvement from day to day and more and more strength.

Shes most excited to see her dog, never mind the other junk. We’re going home after 39 days. Thank God!


  1. Praise God!

    We’ll be there just a couple days later to welcome Emily home. 🙂 God has been so good to us.

  2. My eyes well up with tears to hear about her wonderful recovery, how God has been so faithful in hearing our prayers and answering them and how she is putting her strong will to good use by staying focused and working hard to get better each day. God has been so good to your family and has blessed your faithful hearts. How wonderful!! Praise God!!

  3. I’ve been praying and checking in through your blog. So thrilled to hear of the Christmas miracle that God has given your family this year. What a blessing! I’ll continue to pray.

  4. FANTASTIC!! Is there an address we can send a congrats card to?

  5. Yay!!! That’s so wonderful! 39 days…wow, what a long time to be in a hospital. So glad she’s heading home soon:)

  6. That’s wonderful news! Way to go Emily! I’m still praying for you and am thankful to God for how He is enabling you to get through all of this. Keep up the awesome work! Merry Christmas to your whole family.

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