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Pre-wedding pictures

Emily and I worked on the wedding flowers on Thursday. She did more work on the flowers than I did, since I foolishly brought all four kids with me!

Here’s a nearly-finished bridesmaid’s bouquet. Emily did a great job choosing beautiful flowers!

The beautiful bride with her daddy at wedding rehearsal.

Grace, the flower girl, at the rehearsal dinner. Since it’s Independence Day weekend, the dinner was red, white, and blue themed. The kids had fun with the festive hats and balloons.

Caleb, the ring bearer

Ava Joy

Jaden with Uncle Tobin. It’s a treat to visit with Tobin and Erin, since they live in Florida and we’ve only been seeing them during big family events or holidays.

So, that’s “part one” of the wedding festivities. The actual ceremony is this afternoon at 4pm.

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  1. I LOVE that picture of Tobin and Jaden! Thanks for all the cute photos. I will miss you all!

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