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Skinny little guy

4 kids + 1 pediatrician’s appointment + 7 shots = 1 crazy morning! (As evidenced by Jaden’s “wa” face!)

We had Ava’s 2-year well-child check-up (that’s a lot of hyphens!) and Jaden’s 4-month well-child check-up yesterday. Ava is a healthy girl all-around. She’s in the 95th percentile for her height and 75th for her weight.

Our little Jaden is doing great in all areas except his growth. Since his 2-month check-up, he has lost 1.5 pounds. You might remember that Caleb also lost weight as an infant and had to have a sweat test to determine if the weight loss was caused by cystic fibrosis. The tests came back normal, and eventually we got him back on track with his growth.

Right now, we’re just going to nurse Jaden more and supplement with formula and cereal. So far, he doesn’t like either the formula or the cereal. I’m not incredibly thrilled about getting him attached to formula or a bottle, but of course if it keeps him healthy, I’m all for it.

Honestly, he’s an incredibly sweet baby. He sleeps well and is a very happy, alert, strong boy. That’s a big part of the reason I didn’t realize he needed to eat more. Yes, he seemed scrawny to me, but our kiddos are usually skinny. He was so happy, so I didn’t think to feed him more.

So, anyway, I would really appreciate prayers for Jaden (and me!). Pray especially that he will begin to put on some weight, and that I can maintain my sanity at this busy time in my life – with extra nursing and bottle-feeding. I know the Lord always has a plan and will get us through. But your prayers are always much appreciated!

More picture posts to come Friday or later, when our bandwidth resets…I especially want to share pictures of our beautiful new (in-progress) deck!


  1. Elyse says: “Jaden looks so sad in the picture! Hope to see you soon, loveyoubye.”

  2. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the deck.

    Remember, Jaden’s father is LUKE! He was and still is a stick. He weighed less at two months old than he did when he was born. It is the Laga in them all! Jaden looks great to me! Miss you all!

  3. Jaden sure seems healthy to me! From the stories I hear about Luke as a baby, he had to eat a TON too!

    I LOVE the new blog format, it is very refreshing and the color scheme is awesome. The photo is so cute too!

    Since when did you guys start building the deck?? What’s the layout look like? When will it be complete…is it being professionally installed? Is Luke hammering anything? Do you know where he’s at right now? Better go check on him. Haha, just kidding, I’m sure Luke’s very handy. But seriously. Go check on him.

  4. Lacey, your doing a wonderful job being a Mom! Your children are very blessed to have you. I went through the samething with Taryn, she had the sweat test also, look at her now, all grown up but still skinny like when she was young. Keep your head up high, and continue to pray, pray, pray! Yell, when you need me, now maybe I can keep the baby when you and Luke go out, that is when he wants to take a bottle. <3

  5. We pray for you all! Thanks for keeping us updated about what is going on. It sounds like Jaden is healthy; hope the formula isn’t too much of a burden.
    LOVE the new blog look and the family picture. Both you and Luke are just so artistic. And what darling subjects to take pictures of!

  6. is there anything that you can do to make your milk more “fatty” or have more calories, so that you don’t have to supplement as much?

  7. I LOVE the new cute is that! When I called I met to ask you about Jaden’s appointment. He seems like he is always happy and doesn’t cry for more feeding so who would think to wake a sleeping baby to fit in more then usual feedings??? You’re a GREAT mommy so don’t worry:) Hope your feeling better and getting some rest. P.s. I showed off our Campbells purchase to my mom today..was WAY excited to tell and show her everything. Oh the little joys in life..ha.ha.

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