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Week of appointments


Yesterday we had Grace’s first clinical follow-up for diabetes. It was a long appointment (around 2 hours), but it went really well. (Other than Caleb kicking the nurse practitioner – but that’s another story…)

Grace’s A1C levels…This number shows how high or low blood glucose levels have been overall for the preceding 2-3 months (like a 3-month average). The day she was diagnosed, her A1C level was 9.4, which is high, but not too bad because we caught it early. (Some kids come in with an A1C of 14 or more!) Her target range is 7.5 to 8.5, and yesterday her A1C was 7.7! Wonderful! Praise the Lord! The nurse practitioner was very pleased with her blood glucose control.

That was the good news. Now, the possible challenges…

We need to do better with rotating her injection sites. She prefers to get shots in her abdomen, and she’s already building up scar tissue there. So, we are to avoid that area for a couple of weeks or more to allow it to heal. And we need to develop a rotation to keep her tissue healthy.

Also, her bloodwork came back showing high levels of transglutaminase antibodies (yep, had to Google it), which CAN indicate that she has Celiac Disease. It’s basically a gluten intolerance that causes damage to the small intestine. It’s commonly linked to Type 1 diabetes, which is why they screened for it. Now we will have more extensive bloodwork done, and if that still indicates possible Celiac Disease, our endocrinologist will refer us to a GI (gastrointestinal) specialist for a biopsy of her small intestine. If that confirms Celiac Disease, we’ll learn how to live an entirely gluten-free life, which means no wheat, rye, or barley products. This will definitely be a big challenge for me!

I also talked to the nurse practitioner about getting Grace on an insulin pump. She said that some insurance companies make you wait six months from the time of diagnosis before paying for a pump, and we need to take their education classes (two of which we’ve already completed). But other than that, we can pursue a pump whenever we feel best. We’re signed up for the Intro to Pumping class at the very end of this month, and we’ll make a decision after that.

Besides bloodwork and the pump class, Grace shouldn’t need to see the doctor again until mid-July, so that’s great!

Unrelated to diabetes, I had my 33-week OB appointment this morning. Things are going well! Last time (at 30 weeks?), the doctor said that Jaden was still head-up, but today he is head-down! That means he’s getting ready! AHHHHH! I’m NOT ready!!! 🙂 The three big kids are all sharing a room successfully, and I’ve pretty much finished what I planned to do for decorating their room. It won’t take much for Jaden’s room to be ready for him either. I guess I just need to do a deep clean of our house, finish organizing the basement, freeze some more food for postpartum, figure out who’s going to take care of the kids during our hospital stay (and train them to give Grace’s shots), pack my hospital bag…Okay, I still have a lot to do! And yet, I know that Jaden will come eventually, whether I’m “ready” or not!


  1. Lady you sure are busy! I am going to be in Michigan for Easter and the week following Easter. If you guys are going to be up north at all it would be great to see you. GUESS WHAT??? Cassidy is almost potty trained!! She went all day today with no accidents!!! We are so excited. She is such a smart kid , we are truly blessed!!Good luck getting all your stuff done…you can do it!!

  2. SO GLAD that Grace is doing well and that you are too, Lacey. You are way more together than I would be if I were in your shoes. A day at a time, I guess. Heather is gluten free now (they think it is irritable bowel)so we got a crash course when she was home for Christmas. Bread seemed to be the biggest problem to oversome–none of the gluten free stuff that we found was light and fluffy. Good news– there is a ton of selection in the gluten-free pasta world. Rice and potatoes are naturally gluten free. We found that Meijer has quite a bit of stuff, but unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. We will be praying!

  3. We’re praying for you Grace! You are amazing L&L.

    “Your strength will equal your days” Deuteronomy 33:25.

  4. I was tested for Celiac Disease when I was in high school — I had to live a gluten-free life for 2 weeks, while they sent my blood off to Mayo, just in case it’s what I had. Thankfully, I didn’t — at that time gluten-free stuff was hard to come by, and it’s amazing how many products have wheat in them that you’d never guess.
    These days, there are so many wonderful gluten-free products. It would still be a challenge, and I’ll pray she doesn’t have it!!! But I’m glad to know that there are really good options out there now.

  5. Hey- Mom already mentioned that I have to eat gluten free now, but I’d be really interested in learning a little more about the testing they did to determine that Grace could have Celiac’s. I will be praying that this is not a problem for Grace! Thankfully, there’s a lot of gluten free food available and easy ways to change recipes you already like. If you need to make those changes, I’d be happy to share what little I’ve learned so far 🙂

  6. Lacey,

    Keep me in mind for watching the kids while you’re in the hospital. I know it might not work with the distance we are appart, but I’m willing to do it. I can do the shots too. You’ll have to train me, of course, but I’m not afraid to do it.

    Love you all! I’m praying for you!


  7. Personally, I think your family has been through enough stuff. We are praying for you, Grace. You are a very brave girl. We love you!

    Lacey, you are doing an amazing job!

  8. Oh Grace. I love you girl, so much! Sorry, Lacey, that I can’t be closer to help out right now. Does your church do a postpartum meal service? That alone would help out; but it would also be nice to have built in family babysitters! I could learn to do the shots too, but I’d rather have Emily do that! Someday we’ll live close enough to help. Love you all…glad to hear Jaden is doing well and ready to go!

  9. Keep your chin up, Lace! You and Luke both are doing such an amazing job with your family. I hope and pray that you will stay encouraged in the midst of figuring all of this stuff out. I would love to add my name to the list of people willing to help you out. Grace is braver than I am, so maybe I shouldn’t be the one giving the shots? But I can cook meals or clean up after kiddos or do any other odd tasks you all may need.

    I am flattered that you all are putting so much effort into making it to graduation, but please know that I will not be offended if that plan has to get canceled for the sake of your sanity! I would love to have you all, but it is more important to me to have you all happy, and it’s ok if that means not coming down for graduation.

    I love you all! Happy Birthday, Caleb! You are such a cool, fun boy, and I can’t believe you are THREE YEARS OLD already! Wow! You’re such a big guy. Can’t wait to see you all again!


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