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A day in the life of one crazy mama

My friend and former roommate, Chaeli, wanted to see a “typical” day of ours. So, I decided “the day” would be yesterday – Monday, February 1.

But I have to tell you that it wasn’t necessarily a “typical” day. And here are the reasons why…

  • Luke was home sick.
  • I usually shower the night before, to have a jump on the day. Didn’t happen on Sunday night.
  • Luke and I have been trying our darndest to read the Bible in the morning, before the kiddos wake up. That also didn’t happen.
  • And more!

I was planning to do this day as “Part One” and a calmer day as “Part Two,” but as Luke said, “That’s like a soap opera with no drama.” Boring. So, I’ll just leave you with this one and say, some days are not exactly like this one.

I did not gloss over the messiness of my house or my ugly pajama selection. This is real life in words and pictures. So, buckle your seat belts. Here we go!

Sometime in the morning – The kids woke up and started playing nicely! (Praise the Lord!) Luke and I were pooped, so we stayed in bed a while longer.

8:21am – Dragged myself out of bed

8:30am – Whipped up some baked oatmeal (yum!) and put it in the oven while the kids played.

8:43am – Put in a video for the kids to watch while I showered. I don’t usually like to keep them in front of videos for long, but this mama needs her shower every day!

8:50am – Had to discipline Caleb for saying two naughty words. He probably learned them from Grandma Rumley. (HA – I’m TOTALLY kidding, Mom R! I just said that because he’s always telling you, “Grandma, that’s a naughty word!”)

9am – The kids all sat nicely and watched The Tale of Despereaux (from the library) while I showered. Or at least I assume they were being nice. Maybe they were killing each other, but I was having a relaxing time anyway.

9:01am – Oh, but first I had to sort through the suitcase (still packed from our weekend away) for a pair of clean undies.

9:05am – Showered and got dressed.

9:23am – Kids were still watching the video. Gotta love the zombie effect that videos can have on kids! I cleared off the table and got breakfast ready to go.

9:33am – Got Gracie’s blood sugar and insulin figured out, then we all ate breakfast, besides Luke, who was still conked out in bed.

9:45am – I started cleaning the kitchen while the big kids finished eating breakfast and got dressed. The house was destroyed from unloading after our weekend away. We also call this day of the week “Messy Monday” around here, because it always seems to be messy from the weekend, no matter what we were doing!

10am – I abandoned my cleaning efforts to get the kids dressed and ready for storytime at the library.

10:25am – I slapped some makeup on my face while the kids got their shoes on and got buckled in the van.

Somewhere in there I had to discipline Ava for hitting Caleb.

10:37am – I lugged Jaden’s h-e-a-v-y carseat out to the car (have I mentioned lately that he’s getting chunky?!), and we left for storytime, which technically starts at 10:30am. (I think the librarians would be shocked if we ever got there early!).

10:45am – Storytime with our wonderful librarian, Miss Sandy!

I let the kids choose a couple of books and one video each. We checked out and headed out to the car.

11:47am – While loading the kids up, Grace whacked Caleb, and I promised discipline for later.

11:48am – We started to head home, and then stopped after about 50 feet, because Caleb dropped his favorite flashlight and needed to get out of his seat to get it and then get re-buckled.

11:57am – Called home on the new cell to make sure Luke’s alive. Yep, he even took a shower already!

12pm – Home! Checked the mail, pulled in the garage, and unloaded all the kiddos.

Took off shoes and coats, encouraged kids to put their own outdoor clothing away, and ended up putting half of it away myself. (“I don’t know how to hang up my coat!”)

Put a slumbering Jaden in his room to rest.

12:08pm – A nice perk to having hubby home sick: He disciplined Grace for me while I got to check my email!

12:12pm – Cleaned the kitchen more while the kiddos played.

12:30pm – Kids colored papers from storytime at the dining room table while I worked.

12:50pm – Prepared leftovers for lunch. (Did Grace’s diabetes stuff, too.)

1:06pm – Ate lunch! Cleared the table and put dishes in the dishwasher as people finished eating.

1:30pm – Got Jaden up to eat his lunch – 6 ounces of formula, plus baby food.

2pm – Done feeding Jaden. Put him on the floor to play.

2:04pm – Tucked Ava and Caleb in their beds for naptime.

2:07pm – Picked up dirty clothes to take to the laundry room.

2:07:10pm – Pulled paper out of Jaden’s mouth/hands on the way to the laundry room. (He LOVES to chew on paper!)

2:09pm – Started school with Gracie girl, who wasn’t feeling the greatest. Quite possibly the first time we’ve conducted all of school on the couch. (A perk to homeschooling!)

2:31pm – Put towels in the washer while Grace worked on a worksheet.

2:51pm – Grace needed a potty break and some discipline.

More school.

3:24pm – Grace colored in her Bible story book while I changed Jaden and put him down for a nap.

More school again.

4:16pm – Done with school. I tucked Gracie in bed for some rest, fully expecting Ava and Caleb to be about done with their naps.

4:17pm – I took my first potty break of the day and took some time to think about dinner and check all my online stuff (email, Google Reader, Twitter, other email account, etc.). Yep, basically wasted time online.

6pm – YES, 6pm! – The kids finally woke up from their nap! They must’ve been exhausted from the weekend! This is another one of those *not typical* parts of the day. My kids never take four hour naps anymore! Oh, but I’m not complaining!

6:25pm – Luke and I made tacos and homemade tortilla chips with guacamole and Spanish rice for dinner. Yum!

6:50pm – Got Jaden up and fed him his bottle.

7:02pm – Served dinner. (This actually is typical for us. Late dinners. I need to try to change that habit!)

7:12pm – Finally remembered to put the towels in the dryer.

7:13pm – Sat down to eat my dinner while feeding Jaden his baby food.

7:45pm – Finished feeding Jaden while the other kids got ready for bed (with Luke).

As I took Jaden out of his high chair, I found a little poop explosion up his back. Time for a bath!

Got done with J’s bath just in time for Bible story / prayer time as a family.

8:30pm – All the kids were down. *Sigh of relief.* So, I got to…
Clean more.
Read the daily Bible reading with Luke.
Clean more still.
Help Caleb fix his covers when he shouted “Mommy!”
And eat some mint M&M’s that I found in the cupboard.

9:40pm – Started budget night, in which Luke and I track all of our spending, pay bills (including a big extra chunk of $ to Sallie Mae to pay off student loans – YAY!), and plan our future spending. This is a Monday night occurrence.

11:08pm – Remembered that Jaden still had to eat his last feeding of the day (oops!), so got him up and Luke fed him a bottle while I showered (again) in preparation for the next day.

Got ready for bed.

11:38pm – Climbed in bed, prayed with Luke, and worked on some ideas floating around in my head for my “frugonomics” website.

Fell asleep sometime before midnight with my pen in my hand (according to Luke). Whew! What a day!

Now it’s YOUR TURN! Show me what a day in your life looks like!


  1. wow I’m tired

  2. And that’s why you need stay-at-home mom’s.

    I’m impressed, Lacey! You handle it so well!

  3. Woooow. That thing I said about being a failure…once again feelin’ it. Haha…seriously, you are AMAZING. And Em’s right. That is a FULL TIME job.

    There were a few things that made me giggle, I’ll admit.
    1) The quick paper-save to prevent Jaden from choking (why does he love paper so much?)
    2) All the pictures of Jaden. The little goober just loves to ham it up for the camera, doesn’t he?
    3) The steamy shower scene. Lacey, Lacey…
    4) The nicely censored naked photo of Jaden during devotions.

    Wow. I can’t believe how efficient you are. You fit in 3 whole meals and managed to get schooling Grace & feeding Jaden in there as well; in between cleaning constantly & wrangling the other kiddos. No wonder kids take naps. If they didn’t, how would you have time to do anything?

    Your house is also amazingly clean.

    I’m impressed. And there’s no way I’m telling you what my days are like because now I realize I have no excuse to feel tired anymore. ‘Cept when I pull a midnight shift.

    🙂 Thanks for entertaining us, Lacey!

  4. Love it!! So glad you posted pictures, this is my favorite post ever!!
    I hear you on the heavy carseat, I’m going to make my millions inventing an economic, lightweight, safe carseat! Those things are killer!
    You do such a great job juggling four kiddos, I shall never complain again about being busy with my one (well, I can’t promise. . . ). Great post!!

  5. I love this!! Thanks for sharing! I can’t believe everything you do in a day! I may post “a day in the life of” for Nate and I… it will be boring compared to this. 🙂 Although I do see 18 kids a day for tutoring and sometimes they get a little crazy! This was a fun post to read… you and Luke do a great job!

  6. I have to tell you all that I’m tickled that you liked this post. As I was typing it, I was thinking, “No one’s going to want to read this whole thing. My days aren’t that exciting!” Ha! I guess people are curious to see what life is like with four kids ages 5 and under. Well, there you have it! It’s crazy! 🙂

  7. Wow, I’m impressed!! You are a wonderful wife and mother! I have to admit, though, I feel like your day sounded familiar!! I only have one child, but I do throw in 7 hours of teaching thirty 4th graders. 🙂 Women are amazing. I hope you are GREAT. It has been WAY too long. Hope to see you soon!!Oh, and I SO agree with the comment about the heavy carseat. Luckily, we switched Dominik to the next stage two weeks ago. Phew!

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