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Fall = Apples!

You may remember that we love our yearly tradition of visiting DK Orchards (formerly Vince Brown Farms) in Conklin, MI. We love to pick apples, which I’ll use for pie fillings, applesauce, and apple crisp! YUM!

So, today was the day! Despite the rain, we met Mom Rumley, Zach, and Elyse at the orchard. As we drove through the rain, the kids so sweetly prayed that God would take the rain away for us to be able to pick apples. And He answered! The apple trees were dripping, but we stayed dry enough to be comfortable! Thank you, Lord!

We came home with 2-1/2 bushels of apples (Cortland, Mutsu, and Gala), 2 pie pumpkins (with which I will try Laura’s method of pureeing), and one gallon of apple cider (YUM).

I love fall!


  1. You beat me with the pictures, I will be loading mine in a minute. Thanks for an amazing day! Thank you, Lord, for answering the kids prayer about the rain. It was a gorgeous day. So much fun!!!!!

  2. FUN! The picture of the kids is a great one. I must say, I’ve never bought a pie pumpkin…just pumpkin pie. Sounds like a lot of work! Let me know if there is a huge taste difference. I don’t eat pumpkin pie myself, but Tobin loves it.

  3. Ummm….if you wanted to make me apple crisp (because it’s my favorite dessert), I would be okay with that. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  4. YUMM apples. . . .so ready for fall!!

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