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Happy 1st birthday…

To my youngest, my sweet Jaden,

Today is your FIRST birthday! It was one year ago today that you graced the world, and especially our family, with your presence. TWELVE days late, I might add. I pray that that doesn’t mean you’ve inherited your extended families’ propensity for lateness. I do think it means that you do things when you feel like it. Typical youngest child attitude there.

If I had to choose one word to describe you, it would be DELIGHTFUL. This past year with you has truly been full of joy and delight. You are just wonderful – such a sweet disposition. You are our only baby who has given so many hugs and snuggles. And you love to smile, wave, clap, and talk.

You are such a smart boy, too. You are already copying words we say. Just tonight at dinnertime, we asked Ava to say “purple,” and YOU piped up, “Purple!” My little genious!

You are toddling around everywhere. Since we had to put you on formula earlier on, you have been our sturdiest baby, with the cutest little (or should I say big?) thighs! This gives you an advantage with walking. You don’t fall over as easily, and when you do, it’s no big deal! I love watching you toddle around the house. And Ava is still saying, “Jaden’s walking!” all the time, even though she’s been saying it for about a month! Silly sister!

Maybe it’s because you’re our youngest, and our last (unless God has a different plan in mind – if we’ve learned anything it’s that He’s ultimately in charge!), but I’m enjoying every moment with you. I thank God that He blessed our family with you. You give us so many moments of joy, so many opportunities to smile, so many giggles.

I pray that your joy will always be found in Jesus, and that you will always work to make others smile.

I love you, Jaden.



  1. I think he’s balder (more bald?) now than he was the day he was born! He is one good looking baby, and so content! Love you, Jaden.

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