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Never ask a lady’s weight…

(But, you know, she might just post a picture online!)

After a loooong time of hovering at about 152lbs, I’m finally past it! I can practically taste the 140’s. Oh, 140’s, how I miss you!

So, the question is…Will the food in Europe make me gain weight or lose weight?


  1. The “Mediterranean diet” is supposed to be very healthy. Maybe you have a shot. I shielded my eyes so as to not see the number, btw. 😉

  2. I would think you’d have better luck in Greece than here! Just go for all the fresher looking stuff.

  3. I suppose that depends on whether or not you like seafood. And on whether or not you will be burning enough calories per day to justify all of the olive oil you will be consuming! And, additionally, on how much gelato you consume in Italy. 🙂 I hear it’s life-changing.

    I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and what you see and eat!!! Please feel free at any time to let us know if you need anything. I am totally willing to help out in any way, even if it means driving up to MI to check on the kiddos. You just let us know!

    P.S. I was wondering…are you leaving information with your babysitter(s) to allow them to post on your blog? I thought that might be a fun way for you to see throughout the day what your kiddos are up to. Without having to pay for a phone call, etc.

    Love you!

  4. Gain. Ok, that’s not necessarily true, but I remember lots of ice cream and eating like crazy at mealtimes because the food was so GOOD. And I was starving.

    However, you will be doing lots of walking, and the diet technically is healthier, so you may burn all those extra calories plus some!

    I wouldn’t worry about it; when are you going to get another chance for ice cream that’s to DIE for and incredible pastas/seafood?

  5. Oh how I wish I could post an update saying “150.” Alas, that will probably never happen! Erin did say that the ice cream could be a meal in itself – maybe you should make it that at least once. Excited to see and hear about your adventures. We are praying for a GREAT trip and to be used of God mightily.

  6. Technology message for Luke: Once yesterday and once today I checked this website to see if you guys had posted a Greece update, and both times I was redirected to a site that told me I was randomly selected by FB to take a 4-question survey and win an iPad. Is this dangerous? And is there any way (once you get home and finish hugging & kissing your kiddos) that you can make it stop? I am just concerned that someone visiting your site might get a virus or something.

    If it’s not dangerous, let me know! I’m gonna win that iPad! 🙂


  7. I gained sooooo much weight when I stayed in Vienna for a bit. The food is healthier, and people walk everywhere, but I still gained a lot. I think I wanted to try everything!! 🙂 Good luck – I hope you have better will power than I have! When do you leave?!

  8. Good for you! How nice it must be to know that you’re body wont be put through another pregnancy. For me it’s “why would I work on my abs as they’ll just be stretched out by a baby someday!” But your hard work will have lasting effects 🙂
    Uhm about Europe, I got to my heaviest weight when I was in Romania for 3 wks in College! All that good food plus we walked a ton so I was always hungry and i assumed I was burning it off. But I was just gaining! Hopefully it will be different for you! Enjoy your time.

  9. Luke,

    Disregard my previous comment. My school laptop seems to be infected with some type of virus. I don’t have any issues with your site from any other computer.

    And I am definitely NOT winning an iPad. 🙁 Bummer.


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