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I feel like I haven’t done a general family update in a while, so that’s what we’re about today. And I’m not going to promise that it’s going to be orderly, thus the title. Here we go…

We really enjoyed watching some Tim Hawkins videos recently. That guy is hilarious. If you haven’t seen him, you should definitely check him out on YouTube. AND he’s coming to GR this spring. I’m SO going to that show!

And the kiddos are still loving playing outside. I am not an oudoorsy kind of gal, so I don’t really get the need for time in the outdoors, but the kids sure do!

The weekend after her birthday, Grace was able to go with an awesome girl from church (Miss Brooke) to Build-A-Bear Workshop. She was GEEKED. This is Grace with Miss Brooke and Grace’s new bear, Cassie.

While Grace was at Build-A-Bear, Caleb and I went on a little grocery-shopping date. To be honest, I bribed him to come with me by telling him he could pick out a new (and needed) winter hat. This is us after our date, with the hat.

My boys are growing up. I just want to squeeze them!

Okay, random picture that I must share. The night before Thanksgiving, we attended “Pie, Prayer, and Praise” at our church. I couldn’t find Luke for a while, until someone said, “Hey, Luke and Caleb are in the kitchen doing the dishes!” Aren’t they adorable?

After one unsuccessful attempt, we got a “real” Christmas tree. On the day we decorated it, we also made/frosted tree-shaped sugar cookies. It was a fun night.

And in the spirit of frugality and Christmas decorating, I made a wreath with free pine boughs from the place we bought the tree. Maybe not the prettiest, roundest thing you ever saw, but not bad for a first attempt. And I even made the bow out of ribbon.

I suppose those are all the pictures I’ll share for now.

I’m completely finished with Christmas shopping (praise the Lord!), and everything I ordered online has come. So now I just need to get to wrapping! Our first Christmas celebration (with the Rumley side of the fam) is only 12 days away! Can’t wait, because we’ll get to meet the newest member of the Rumley clan – Bristol Aubrey, born to Tobin and Erin this past Saturday! Woo-hoo!


  1. I LOVE your wreath. I think I will try to do the same. What did you use to hold it together?

  2. Love the update! Missing my extended family. I am enjoying the Bolton family though. Bristol is such a smart girl and so alert – you will love her when you meet her. The dogs are funny around her – their world is going to change BIG time! Can’t wait to see ALL my grandchildren in ONE place – pretty soon!

  3. Em – I bought a wreath frame at Hobby Lobby ($3-something) and used the 40% off coupon that they almost always have on their website. Then I used floral wire to keep it together. That’s about all! I just googled “How to make an evergreen wreath” and watched a couple of YouTubes before I started, to see the technique. Not hard at all! Good luck and have fun!

  4. Ah, a wreath frame, never would have guessed it existed! I have plenty of floral wire left over from our wedding flower adventures, so I think I will try this!

  5. Love the photos! Thanks for the update. Those kids are beautiful and getting SO BIG. I’ve posted pictures on facebook now, so you can see little Bristol. Posts to come as I find the energy.

  6. Great update. Somewhere (probably in a box at Emily’s house) I have an old black & white photo of my father and me washing dishes as I stand on a chair in our house in Detroit. Amazingly similar.

  7. Dad, I would love to see that picture if you can ever dig it out of hiding.

  8. Thanks Lacey! I love reading and watching your babies grow! How did they get so big- pretty sure I just took last years Christmas pic off the fridge and now the are huge! I love to hear all that God is going in your life. Love ya and hope to someday see you again!!

  9. What a wonderful post! I love the pictures of your beautiful family – good to see all of you! Glad to see you’re all doing so well. Hope to see you soon!

  10. I just noticed you have a REAL tree – is that a first?

  11. Hey, so you’re taking me to that Tim Hawkins show too, right? When did you say it was? Specifically? 😀 I need to mark it off on my calender…

  12. Jana – Miss you!

    MOM – Nope. I think it’s our third real tree. We love having real ones!

    Alonna – Let’s make it a family night! I’m sure Mom, Dad, M, and K would love it, too…It’s May 6, 2011. $15 per person.

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