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Seven years and still no itch…

As a child, my favorite game to play was “house.” I loved pretending to be a wife and mommy. Sure, I’m a nerd, so I loved to play “school,” too, but “house” was at the very top of the list.

I have always wanted to be a wife and mom. I’m confident that it’s a desire that God placed in my heart. And, praise Him, it’s a desire that He saw fit to fulfill.

I remember lying in bed the night before my wedding thinking, “This is too good to be true. Is this really going to happen tomorrow?” I wasn’t nervous, although I was stressed from doing so much of the planning myself (including making all the flower bouquets, etc. that night) and from misplacing a certain undergarment that sure seemed necessary for the big day.

I just didn’t understand how to process that my dreams were coming true.

Have you ever heard someone say that God’s plans for us are so much bigger than the plans we make for ourselves? Oh, it is so true in my life.

Growing up, I never really knew a guy my age who loved the Lord (besides my pastor’s son, who I’ve only heard say ten words in all my life – sorry, Daniel!), so my expectation was that I would marry a Christian. Certainly I would be able to hold out for someone who was a church-going Christian. Right?

But a man who loved the Lord? Did they really even exist?

So you can see why, on the eve of my wedding day, I would lie in bed and wonder how God had been so amazing to bless me with a man who truly loved and served Him with all his heart. A man who would take his God-given role as head of our family and encourage spiritual growth in our home. And it didn’t hurt that he’s handsome and funny, too. 😉

It’s been seven years today since the day we took our vows in front of family and friends, with my really great father-in-law officiating. (Did I mention that I got stuck with great in-laws, too? Really, God. SO thankful for that!)

That’s not to say that we haven’t had our ups and downs, our times of feeling really super close to one another, and our times where it feels like we’re in a rut. It’s a human relationship, and we have definitely had some unhappy moments along with the happy ones. But overall, I look back on our seven years and see the way that God has shaped our home and our lives, and I am so thankful.


What are some things we’ve accomplished in seven years?

1. Got married.

2. Got pregnant. (A picture would not be appropriate here, haha.)
3. Had a baby.

4. Built a house.

5. Joined a great church.
6. Had another baby.

7. Put our house on the market.
8. Had another baby.

9. Took our house off the market.

11. Put our house back on the market…Took our house back OFF the market…
12. Took a missions trip to Greece and Italy, leaving the kids for two weeks!

Ah, those are just the highlights. The milestones. There is much joy in the everyday moments, too.

I love you, Luke. I thank God for blessing me with you. Happy anniversary.


  1. Oh, Lacey! I swear…you should be a writer. Keep all these memories written down and make a book. It would encourage so many people. As it did me! Seven years is amazing. Coming up on 32 is even more amazing! Both are miracles of God! What God had joined together, let no man put asunder. What a blessing you and your family are to us! God IS good!

  2. Great post, Lacey! You both are role models for Dan and I. We will be at 7 too before you know it!

  3. Zachary says: “Maywage, is what bwings us togevah tooday.”

    Elyse says: “Ditto, for me.”


  4. Happy Happy Happy Anniversary you two!

  5. Great post! You two are an encouragement to Nate and I. Thank you for loving the Lord always, and for teaching your children His ways. It’s awesome to see families serve Him!

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