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Steelcase Party for Luke

Luke recently had the opportunity to switch departments within Steelcase, where he’s worked for more than 8 years. His old group, Global Product Data Solutions, threw him a surprise picnic to congratulate him on the move and thank him for all his work in their group.

The kids and I lured him to a park. I thought I was sneaky enough, but apparently he suspected a party. 🙂 Oh, well.

This is the cake that the department had made for him…(Some of the code is wrong, but the idea was so clever!)

And here’s Ava thoroughly enjoying her cake…

I think this is nearly the entire group of people who attended the picnic…

Thanks, GPDS, for the great send-off!


  1. Ha! That’s a great cake. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you find out how many other people respect/love your husband? It’s nice to know other people think he’s great too! We’re proud of Luke and all his accomplishments.

  2. How cool! I wouldn’t know if the writing on the cake is correct or not. Cute idea though. It thrills my heart to know that other people love my children and think they are great!

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