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The latest on Emily

Emily and her sister, Elyse, (and the dog, George) this week

Many people are still asking about Emily, and I haven’t known quite what to say. So, I asked Emily to update us on her progress. Here is her email…

I have completed my first round of check-up appointments. All major activities (driving, back to work, etc.) hang on my surgeon’s approval. I just met with the surgeon this afternoon with mostly good results. I am off all medications! I have to be monitored for 1 month for seizures though. If I am seizure free after that, life returns to normal! Woohoo! I am allowed to ski, but I have to wear a helmet as a blow to my noggin’ could cause a seizure. (All this worry about seizures…) I am free to return to work, but I will have some therapy continuing so I will return on a graduated schedule. I’m hoping to be back half-time February 1 and full-time March 1. I made up those dates so it might not happen just like that, but that’s what I’m thinking right now.

Here’s the answer to prayer (or at least Dan and I are thinking it might be): My doctor is very pleased with how well the surgery and recovery has gone. He is especially impressed with my attitude throughout the process. He is getting more and more patients coming through GR for AVM treatment. Sometimes patients have a hard time dealing with the surgery, recovery and such. He wants to know if I’d be willing to talk with other AVM patients about my story to help them though. YES! Can we say “Answer to prayer?” Most of you know, but one thing Dan and I were constantly praying for throughout my hospital stay is that we can use our experience for God’s glory. It was most definitely God’s strength that got me though, not my own. I’m very excited about this potential opportunity.

Thank you for all the prayers and support!


  1. Yay, Em! She looks great in this photo. I hadn’t realized the braces were back on.

    Thanks for the update, Lacey, and the picture.

  2. Thanks, Lacey! That’s my Emily – a go-getter! She is doing great. In fact, amazing! Doctor’s are amazed as well. God is good! All the time!

  3. So glad to read this email- such good news, thank you Lord!

  4. This is so great! It reminds me of the situation I had with my spinal fusion (not as major as Emily’s surgery, of course!). The doctors were amazed at how quickly I recovered, and the nurses said things like “Wow, normally with these patients, they yell and curse at us when we sit them up the first time” — I just said “I think I’m going to pass out now.”:) So they asked me to come to the hospital and be on info panels for people about to have the same surgery as me…such a great opportunity:) Hearing Emily’s story just took me right back to that cool time in my life:)

  5. I’ve been meaning for a while now to ask you how she was doing! So great to hear things are looking up. 🙂

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