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  1. Wow. You have shown all of the rest of us up. Officially.

    Oh, and by the way, you weigh less than me! Hehehe, and I think you have what like 3-4 inches on me? This baby better get on outta here…

  2. I hope Erin means 3-4 inches in height! Everyone is losing weight except me. Makes me sad! Happy for you, sad for me.

  3. MOM. Geez. Yes, I meant height. Sorry, Lacey! I’ll be very specific in the future.

  4. You are a brave woman, Lacey.

  5. Dang… you lost weight in EUROPE??? With all that Feta??? And Gelatto??

  6. Oh, Erin! I guess my “jokes” aren’t as good as Luke’s are! I knew what you meant, just thought I would tease you a little.

  7. I love how the name of your scale is “thinner” and you are. 😉

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