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To Make Him Famous (Part 1)

The first question of the Westminster Catechism is, “What is the chief end of man?”

And the answer: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”

When we were in Italy, a missionary pastor there (Jim Albright) put it a little differently. He said that our job as believers is to make Christ famous wherever we go.

Please know that as I process the past two weeks and share the experience with you, I am yearning to know how I can make Him famous in my own life.

So, let me tell you about the trip. From the beginning…

This is how I felt the night before we left. Half super excited, half terrified, and pretty sure I was forgetting to pack something important.

That night, as the children were sleeping, we set up our little fake Christmas tree in the living room. I hung notes on the branches and put gifts beneath. Each had a date on it, and the kiddos had one note and one gift to open per day.

Thursday, October 14. We met at the church in the morning, packed up the vans, and drove to O’Hare. This is our team that morning, including an “extra” team member that came with us – a Cornerstoner named Jake who helped with the youth at the conference.

Our team at O’Hare, preparing to check our luggage. I’m pretty sure we had 18 pieces of luggage, not including purses and carry-ons. EIGHTEEN! It was c-r-a-z-y, but God totally provided for us. With current baggage restrictions, we were only allowed one free piece of checked baggage per person, so ALL of the musical equipment was extra. And one or two of the bags was over the weight limit. The fee was going to be outrageous, but God provided, and it was significantly lowered for us. Praise Him!

So, we flew. And we flew and flew and flew. 38,000 feet over the Atlantic, which (by the way) is about -84 degrees outside. Our 8-hour flight landed us in Frankfurt, Germany. To put it not-so-eloquently, I felt like barf by the time we got there. But a little time on the ground helped, and a little rest in these cool loungy chairs was nice, too.

After an 8-hour layover in Frankfurt, we hopped back on a plane headed toward Thessaloniki, Greece.

We flew over the Alps. That was fun.

Once we landed in Thessaloniki, we got to witness our taxi drivers arguing in Greek (which was kind of entertaining), and then took an hour-long drive down a peninsula to our destination, Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece. We totally crashed that night, but when we awoke the next day (Saturday, October 16), this is what it looked like outside the conference center…

We spent the day getting our equipment set up and practicing.

And we made it outside for a little fun in the sun, too.

Next post – THE CONFERENCE! Missionaries, music, testimonies, tears…a full week! Stay tuned!


  1. Yay!! How exciting. And I am pretty sure I have heard the name Jim Albright and I know I have heard someone say that it is our job to make Christ famous wherever we go. I am looking forward to more post… love the Christmas tree idea BTW… I bet your kids LOVED it too!!

  2. “…how I can make Him famous in my own life…” Challenging! Looking forward to the rest of the parts of your trip. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Luke, get a tissue next time – no wonder Ava can’t “blow.”

  3. Can’t wait to read more, I love the gift you have of writing Lacey!

  4. LOVE your Christmas tree idea! That must have been so special and fun for your kids. What a creative and happy way for them to know you are remembering them and loving them long-distance.

    So much traveling and airplanes and airports! Glad to see Luke kept his humor through all that. 🙂

    You two look lovely in that last picture.


  5. Next post please!!! (I’m enjoying reading about your trip). 🙂

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Dana – I’m enjoying how you call yourself “Crazy Dana.” 🙂

  7. AWESOME! I am excited beyond words for you guys. And as a future mama, the tree/gift idea warms my heart. Such a great idea to being the excitement and anticipation home to your kiddos! I love the photos, everyone looks thrilled in the traveling ones. It’s a loooong plane ride. No stops to stretch your legs! Oh, and those lounge chairs are COOL! We never found such luxury at our airports.

    Was the water warm? You guys went at a different time of year than the times I went, it was COLD when I was in the area.

    Love you both (and the four lil ones), and I’m super glad you are home safely and getting back into the groove.

  8. Hi Lacey!

    Thanks for posting! I know you must be extremely busy just getting home…I loved the gift idea! That’s what Wade and I did for our little ones when we were gone that week earlier this year…I wanted them to have something to look forward to every day and not miss us so much…but I hadn’t thought of using the Christmas tree! Just plain old huge envelopes…definitely will remember that for the future! Looks like it was beautiful!

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