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To Make Him Famous (Part 2)

I’ll admit it, I’m procrastinating on this one. The last post was easy-peasy to write. Travel details, fun in the sun. But this one…

This is the one where I shed more tears in a week than I have in the last decade. The one where we heard the testimonies of people who have given their entire lives to share the Gospel of Christ. The one where we ministered to these amazing people – and I think they blessed me much more than I blessed them!

See? I’m still in the middle of processing the conference and all it entailed. So, I guess I will press on, with your understanding that I don’t have it all figured out yet.

The conference officially began on Sunday, October 17. Besides a few exceptions, we had a 9am session where we’d play music and some missionaries would share their testimonies, followed by a short break, and then another session before lunch where we’d play music and one of the missionaries would preach a sermon. Then we had either activities or break time in the afternoon, and another session in the evening with more music and preaching.

When you factor in our practice times, it was a very full week!

Our purpose that week was to serve the missionaries. And the main way we accomplished that was through our music ministry. We had practiced a large binder FULL of songs, so once we were at the conference, Pastor Craig chose songs for each session. True to his usual worship style, he also chose relevant Scripture passages and quotes to read. Many of the missionaries expressed how meaningful the worship time was for them, especially his poignant readings.

I gotta tell you, these missionaries sang with their whole hearts! I was blown away by the passion they displayed during worship. No apathy here!

Here’s what singing time looked like (singers on the left, Pastor Craig leading in the middle, Luke behind him, me beside Luke, Kathy at the piano – sorry you can’t see her!, and Scott at the drums).

And here’s a little video clip, taken with our camera (not the most professional quality)…

As I looked out on the group during worship, many times I could see people wiping their tears away. Many people told us that it was just so wonderful to be able to worship in English again. It was a powerful time each day, and I have to give the credit to the Holy Spirit for moving among us!

Another aspect of serving the missionaries was just interacting with them!

Here’s our group, having dinner with the Postema family – missionaries to Romania, supported by our church family.

As the adults talked, Luke took the kiddos for a walk, and they had a blast making shadow creatures on a piece of a very old castle…

Here’s another one – our entire team with the whole Postema family.

Another connection we made was with missionary Dave Schmidt. We adopted him as part of the band. He played harmonica with us on a few songs. (He is a brilliant, hilarious person, too!)

One day, we were invited to a Ladies’ Luncheon, where the girls on our team were able to interact with all the female missionaries. I really enjoyed it! I was able to sit next to Beth Hafer, a missionary in Hungary. We have a special connection, because her parents and my parents belong to the same church family!

On the last day there, the guys were happy to play a game of Rook with some of the missionaries, too.

Our super-cool teammate Brittany was responsible for the last way of serving the missionaries. As a licensed cosmetologist, she provided haircuts (along with her faithful assistant Dana). And boy, did she do LOTS of them! (Apparently, it can be hard to communicate what you want your hair to look like when you’re in a foreign country with a language barrier!)

So, that’s the gist of how we served the missionaries. But in so many ways, we were blessed and encouraged by this experience as well.

Blessing #1 – Time to bond with our teammates.

We had PLENTY of opportunities to sit around a table together. This particular one was in Thessaloniki, when we took a tour of the city.

We also had plenty of time to be silly together.

And you can never overestimate the power of eating Nutella together.

Serving Christ together creates a special bond. And I’m so thankful for that! This group of people is dear to my heart!

Blessing #2 – Experiencing new sights!

Here we are overlooking part of Thessaloniki. It’s a HUGE, beautiful city on the Aegean Sea!

The resort area was incredibly beautiful as well!

Blessing #3 – Hearing the stories of missionaries who have dedicated their lives to Christ’s service!

Next up – THE GEBERTS! One missionary couple’s testimony that left a lasting impact with us.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing the rest.

  2. Love the post! I love to hear how easy you two make friends. Luke & the kiddos – classic! We have discovered Nutella too. We wait for it to go on sale and then we buy a zillion of them. It is much better than peanut butter! Or put both on your sandwich and you have a sandwich made in heaven! God is good! He continues to teach us new things every day! Anxious to hear the “rest of the story.”

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lacey! From hearing the very first practice (and the first couple songs were a couple of my all-time favorites!) while we were decorating the room to the very end, i was so blessed by the music and worship! And it was so fun to meet and spend time with you and the rest of the team. Thank you so much for coming to serve us! 🙂

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