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Exiled: Romania

Way back in 2001, I was able to go to Romania on a short term missions trip through Cornerstone University, which was led by a great lady named Terre. Luke also knew Terre through his improv comedy team called RISEN Ministries.

Fast forward a half decade or so, and our church began to support a great couple named Andrew and Leah Postema. Leah just so happens to be Terre’s daughter, and the Postemas are missionaries to Romania.

Andrew, Leah, and their three awesome kiddos are home on furlough right now, and one of the things they’re involved in while they’re home is a couple of weekend junior high retreats at Lake Ann Camp. This past weekend they were going to be a little short-staffed, so our family had the great privilege of going up to help at camp.

Oh. My. Fun.

The basic gist of the weekend was that as the kids entered camp, they were entering Communist Romania. Soldiers had “taken over” the camp, and they didn’t look kindly upon Christians or Bibles or chapel meetings. You get the idea.

As the campers rolled in, the kids and I did our part…Grace, Caleb, and I stood out along the driveway next to a burn barrel. As the cars/vans came in, I stopped them and told them something like, “Be very careful. The regime has taken over the camp, and they don’t look kindly upon Christians. If you have Bibles, hide them! There are soliders up ahead, and they will be looking for your Bibles. We are Christians, and they kicked us out of our home. We have nothing. We are starving. Do you have any food?”

A few cars gave us food. How sweet! 🙂

It just so happened that it was cold and rainy that night, so the kids didn’t even have to pretend to be sad. See?

After about an hour, we were done. Then Luke’s part began, and he was busy busy busy the rest of the time.

Luke was the General.

Isn’t he handsome in uniform?! 😉

Okay, so the weapon is a little scary.

It was a pretty tiring weekend for him, because he spent the whole time being mean to the kids. He actually does like junior high kids, so it was draining to have to always be the mean guy.

And it was confusing for Jaden. He asked me bajillions of times last weekend, “Is my daddy a bad guy?”

While Luke was working so hard, the kids and I had a splendid time hanging out with Leah and two of her kids (their oldest, Grace, was participating in camp).

We are so thankful to have really awesome, godly friends who love sharing Christ with others! Thanks, Postemas, for a GREAT weekend!


  1. What a cool camp! Your little ones just look so adorable by the burn barrel. I wouldn’t be able to deny them food either!

  2. Awesome lesson for the kids. I hope they didn’t have nightmares. I think I might have.

  3. That’s one intense camp! Luke is seriously scary-looking. I’m as concerned as Jaden!

    Grace is way too cute in her little scarf, poor hoodlum.

    You guys do such interesting things with your church! Although I must say, that last pic of Caleb with an automatic is frightening – yikes!


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