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Garage sales + six kids = craziness

You might remember that my friend Amber and I spend most Fridays together. Our kids play, we have lunch, we visit, we study a book about marriage, we talk about God’s Word…It’s a fun, fruitful time.

Well, on one of our Fridays, we spent the morning visiting garage sales together. It was quite a feat – buckling six kiddos (ALL in carseats/boosters) into her Suburban! Here’s a picture of all of the little troupers…

We shopped the sales. We got some cheap/free stuff. We had a blast.

I was just excited that we all survived. 🙂

One last picture of the kids, when we stopped to let them play for a few minutes…

We are so blessed!

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  1. Fun times! I LOVE going to garage sales. If the kids get something, they like them too. I should probably start doing that around our RICH neighborhoods – maybe I can snag a super deal. I remember going to garage sales with you & Emily. I don’t think we had as many children then, but I remember trying to drag a stroller down a very crowded street (cars parked on both side) trying to not get run over.

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