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Girls’ Road Trip: Cleveland Edition

Do you remember last spring when my friend Jesse moved away? She (along with her hubby and kiddos) moved to the Cleveland area.

Well, Jesse’s birthday was at the end of October, so my friends Amber and Kisha and I seized the opportunity to drive down and surprise her! The first weekend of November, we had ourselves a little road trip!

It just so happened that IKEA was right on the way! So of course we had to stop!

No, the dog wasn’t with us. It actually belonged to the guy taking our picture. Not sure how that worked out. The baby, however, was with us. His name is Jacob, and he’s a little cutie-pie! 🙂

And did you know that there are some really cool rest areas along the Ohio Turnpike? Apparently they’re called “travel pauses,” and it includes a gas station and restaurants. Not just a potty. Very cool. Here we are taking a little pit stop at a “travel pause…”

In order to make our visit a surprise, I had to conspire with Jesse’s husband, Jared. He brilliantly told Jesse he’d invited three guys from work over for dinner on Friday. That way, she’d have the house clean and have dinner cooking and be expecting company. But there was a little twist when we got into town about 20 minutes before Jared was to arrive home. So he let her know that his “guys” would probably make it to the house before he did…How stressful for her! Three men she’d never met before, coming to her house before her hubby was home?!

I guess that’s why she was so stinking relieved when she opened the door, and it was just us three girls (and baby Jacob) there smiling at her. 🙂 Wanna see how it went down?

While there, we ate a lot of yummy food, talked a lot, and laughed a LOT. We also took a little jaunt over to a gourmet popcorn shop and the local upscale thrift store. Don’t Amber and I look awesome in our matching sweaters and cool hats? (Kidding, kidding.)

We had a great time catching up, and we’d love for our friend to move back to Michigan. But for now, God has them in Ohio, and hopefully we were an encouragement to her there!

We love you, Jesse!


  1. Ha ha, makes me laugh and cry all over again. Second only to when Jared proposed definitely a grand surprise! Unfortunately Jared caught me trying to stow away in the van and persuaded me to stay for the sake of him and the children. Debi would approve of my staying but you certainly take a piece of my heart wherever you go my lovely friends!

    • Are you talking to me?!?! I’ve seen pictures of you, my dear, and YOU deserve that title! 🙂

      I feel okay, although I’ve actually GAINED 8-10lb since last winter. Well, that weight was AFTER we went overseas for two weeks and then I had a nasty case of strep throat twice. So maybe that’s why I was so thin back then. Haha. I might be able to get back to that weight if I could stop eating Peanut M&Ms for two seconds. 🙂

  2. Love friendship and making new memories with friends. Great surprise!

    And I’m with Erin – Lacey, you are workin’ that sassy belt and sweater combo in that last pic!

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