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Grandma and Papa’s House

While Luke was enjoying a men’s retreat at Lake Ann Camp, the kids and I took a trip up north to my parents’ house. We had a great time visiting with my mom and dad (Grandma and Papa), my sisters (Melissa and Alonna), and my nephew and niece (Karl and Emma).

Jaden just loves playing with Papa. In fact, on the way to their house, Jaden kept saying that Papa is “cute.” So I told my dad that I figured out why Jaden likes playing with him so much…It’s because Papa is cute and naughty just like Jaden is! 🙂 No, really, I’m so thankful for my dad!

At Karl and Emma’s t-ball game…Emma was cracking us up when she played 1st base. She thought she had to stand on the base while she threw the ball back to the catcher…A lot of little runners just had to duck out of her way, haha.

Karl on 1st. He did a great job!

Sweet Ava snuggled on my lap at the game. I had dressed us all as if it was summer, and it definitely wasn’t! We were all freezing! Thankfully my ever-prepared and responsible sister had blankets that we used to stay alive.

Jaden and Papa playing on the floor. 🙂

I anticipate having many more pictures to share in June, as we celebrate my baby sister Alonna’s high school graduation and subsequent open house! I’m excited to celebrate with her and just spend some more time with my family!


  1. Oh how fun! A day at the grandparents house is so special. I betcha someday Jaden has wonderful memories of this period in his life. The T-ball cracked me up. I can just see the first baseman pegging the runners as they come toward her! LOL.

  2. Well I got to see how I ranked with Jaden. “Papa cute!” Then he pats me and declares, “Truck!”
    Though it was adorable when he heard a plane in the clouds, he looked up and saw a bird, pointed at it and said plane. 😀 I’m so excited to get to show off all six of my nieces and nephews this week! Can’t wait to see you!

    Your favorite 17 year old graduating sister,

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