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Happy birthday, Dad/Grandpa Rumley!


Before my dad’s accident, he wasn’t very open with his feelings or expressive with his love for us girls. So, you were the first dad I had who wasn’t afraid to hug his kids and tell them he loves them every chance he got. The first dad I had who wasn’t afraid to shed a tear. Thank you for that. It means more than I can say.

Thanks, too, for raising a son who loves Jesus with all of his heart (and five of his siblings, too). My life is so full of joy because of the work and prayers you and Mom poured into his life.

We love you very much! Happy birthday!



  1. Laughing, crying and enjoying it very much! Did you know the “p’s” are right on your eyes, Luke? Such a fun video – I am going to steal it, if it will let me.

  2. Yes, mom. I noticed that.

    Happy Birthday, Dad!

  3. Wow! Thanks.

  4. Awesome video! He’s a pretty wonderful dad, I must say!

  5. I just read the last couple pages of blogs. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Year. Nice pic at the end of that video… isn’t it fun to be goofy with your husband?!

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