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MOH: Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti

This week’s Mystery of History lessons are all about Egypt!

Amenhotep, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen, and Rameses the Great!

On Monday, we made Cartouche Bookmarks, with the kids’ names spelled out in hieroglyphics (the pencil-colored figures in the pictures).

Then today we had a mini treasure hunt throughout the house, after discussing how King Tut’s tomb full of treasure was discovered.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have an Egyptian feast, but….I’m just not sure about all the effort involved. Call me a slacker mom, but that sounds like a lot of work! Ack!


  1. Fun! You do great activities with the kids(not a slacker mom at all, i’d say).

  2. I’m with Erin! No slacking on your part, for sure. Sounds like your kids are having an amazing homeschool experience!

    Love how much specific history your kids are getting! I seriously think you’re covering as much or more as my 7th graders! WOW! Great job, Teacher-Mom. 🙂


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