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Tammy with her nieces and nephews

I should have posted this last week, but when something tragic happens, my first thought isn’t “I need to blog about this!”

Last Wednesday, a dear member of our church and our Sunday School class was involved in a moped accident on her way home from AWANA. You can see the brief news article here.

Currently, Tammy is in a coma in the ICU with a major brain injury. Many, many people are just waiting and praying.

Tammy is a single lady, whose mom (Shirley) and brother (Jack) haven’t left the hospital since the accident. Please pray for strength and rest for them.

Tammy is an elementary teacher in the Grand Rapids Public School system. She has affected many, many teachers’ and students’ lives in her years working there. They know she is a devout Christ-follower. Please pray that her testimony in the schools will make a big impact for Christ’s glory.

She is also a long-time member of our church, and a big example of selfless service in the name of Christ. She is our behind-the-scenes AWANA administrator (Need a book? Ask Tammy!), an active member of our Sunday School class, the quiz team leader, and someone who you could count on to share Jesus with others. She loves kids and she has a passion for telling them about Christ. Please pray that our church family will trust in the Lord’s sovereignty and lean into Him for our sustenance while we walk together through this deep valley.

We beg God for Tammy’s complete restoration, and for souls to be saved.

Ultimately, we long for God to be glorified, through this situation and other situations that are breaking hearts in our church family. We want HIM to be lifted high.


  1. What a sad story. Yet, God is able! Bring back memories of Emily’s hospitalization. I remember your church praying for Emily – whom they didn’t even know. Such a glory to God! We’ll pray for Tammy as well! Prays around the world – like Emily had! God is faithful!

  2. Thank you for posting this! And oh what a small world! My older sister was jenny’s roommate in college (jacks wife–the kids mom). Thanks for your prayers and for posting this!

  3. I’m praying.

  4. MOM and Betsey – Thank you!

    Erin – It IS a small world! I didn’t realize that Beth knew them…but then I looked and her name is listed on Tammy’s carepage! I don’t know Jack and Jen personally, but we did pray for them a lot some years back. They have a really cool testimony of God’s grace and restoration in their marriage.

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