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I took Grace (and the other kiddos) to a doctor appointment today, because her ears hurt. Turns out she has an ear infection, poor girl.

As I was driving, I realized the date. February 25. Two years ago today, I was driving to a different doctor appointment. One that changed our lives. It was the one where we found out our Gracie has Type 1 diabetes.

And now, after two years, I’m still going to praise God for His goodness. He Has a plan for my girl, and I’m so thankful to know that “all the days ordained for [her] were written in [His] book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).

Grace is a stellar diabetic. She tests her blood without complaint. She’s on a {pink} insulin pump, and has to have that site changed about once every three days – so much better than the twelve shots she used to have every three days! She’s still doing well with her A1C, and her 3-month check-ups have continued to go well.

I look forward to the appointments, because pretty much every time we go, she has grown! When she was diagnosed two years ago, I believe she was 32 pounds and 32 inches. In the first year after diagnosis, she gained 10 pounds and 10 inches. And at her appointment earlier this month, she was 55-1/2 pounds and 49-1/2 inches. She, that’s another 13-1/2 pounds and 7-1/2 inches in the past year. She’s definitely going to be tall like her daddy!

We have seen God’s provision in so many ways these past two years – including Children’s Special Health Care Services, really great pharmacy insurance, and GREAT doctors/nurses at Spectrum.

What was a very scary, overwhelming diagnosis two years ago has turned our eyes toward the One who created Grace (and all of us). I just have to praise Him!!!


  1. That was 2 years ago? Wow! I still remember reading that blog. Crazy…
    I know how Grace feels as far as the ear ache goes and I pray hers clears up quickly and stays away! I think we are all ready for the cold weather to go away so we can open up our windows and air out our germy houses!

  2. I agree with Michelle, I was really surprised to read that it was 2 years ago. Time does fly. That’s why we blog. 🙂

  3. Love you, my GracieGirl! She’s incredibly smart and knows more about her diabetes than most adults do. Lacey, you’ve done a great job informing her and having her correlate how her body feels with her blood sugar. I see that competition has been good in your home, as you-know-who is taking his disease much more seriously now that it affects his little girl. Possibility is that our sweet Grace could be being used to prolong/improve her daddy’s life & health (my opinion only…love you Luke…. yet I believe you weren’t taking it as seriously as was necessary). All that to say that, yes, God is using her and her disease in a mighty way already!

  4. I love you, Grace Elizabeth!

    WOW, she’s grown a TON! 10 inches in a year sounds like a lot to me.

  5. I remember our first trip to the doctor 20 years ago. After Luke’s diagnosis, he also gained 10 pounds and 9 inches. If I remember the numbers right. You can’t contribute that to Wheaties! Keep up the good work, Lacey. You do an amazing job!

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