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The Diabetic Duo

If you’ve been reading here long, you know that Luke and Grace both live with Type 1 diabetes. Thankfully, things are going well for both of them. They’re both on insulin pumps, and Luke also has a continuous glucose monitor, which is pretty cool.

Well, a little over 5 weeks ago, we were at a celebration for some friends. Our dear friends, the Perrys, were also there. Kathy mentioned that she had recently noticed Zach (their youngest) drinking a LOT and wetting his diapers a LOT. Like, he was desperate for his sippy cup. And he was wetting through his diapers in the middle of the night AND in the morning. So, she wondered about using our blood tester (glucometer) to check his sugar. Just to ease her mind.

I think both of us expected the numbers to be normal. I mean, he’s only 2, right?

Long story short, his numbers weren’t normal. He went to after-hours pediatric care in town that night (a Saturday evening – when the endocrinology office was closed), and then back to the endocrinologists’ office the next morning.

Our sweet little Zachy is also a Type 1 diabetic.

Thankfully, his mom (Kathy) is a nurse, so she has a leg up on this. But it has been an adjustment for their family, of course. They are still adjusting as his sugars are still being regulated. I’m sure they would appreciate any prayers as they continue to figure out all the details of his diagnosis.

He’s such a champ. He didn’t cry once when I had to poke his fingers the first night. And still, the crying for finger pokes and shots is minimal. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Kath!) 🙂

Anyway, while we had the Perry kiddos overnight recently (more pics to come), I took some cute pictures of Grace and Zachy with their JDRF Rufus bears, which they both received from their endocrinologists’ office. I wanted to share them here. Aren’t these kiddos precious?!


  1. Your family must be such a huge encouragement and support for the Perrys. You’ve already been down this road! What an amazing opportunity for your Grace to be able to use her story already for the edification of another. Wow! She is such a neat girl; you two have done an amazing job raising her. I love her sweet heart and how fearless and calm she is about her own treatment; I hope she is able to share that with Zachy.

    Aunt Betsey

  2. that’s great that you can encourage each other in this journey. My cousin’s daughter is about Grace’s age and was diagnosed a yr or two ago. If i remember you made or had a friend who made pump covers, does your friend sell them or do you know where to buy one? I’d love to send one to my cousin. Thanks. hope ur doing well!

    • Hey Kym! I do have a friend who whipped up a pump case for Grace, without a pattern, with some leftover material she had. She doesn’t sell, them, but I could ask her about making another one. I’m going to try to make one my self for Grace’s Christmas stocking, too. Hopefully it’s not too tricky!

      • Yes please ask her if she would be able to make another one that I could buy. I could send her a check and have her send it to my cousin if she’s willing. I want to reach out to my cousin and her daughter, she doing ok w/ it all but it was a shock to them.
        Hope ur doing well!

  3. LOVE this post!! 🙂

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