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Whooooooo’s leaving?

A year-and-a-little ago, I made a new friend. We were instant bosom buddies. Her name is Jesse, and she (along with her hubby and kiddos) became part of our church family.

Jesse has been such an encouragement to me, in so many ways. She dove right into our church family, throwing her heart into all her relationships and ministries. She opened her home to me and the kids whenever we could venture her way (and it didn’t matter if she was “ready” for company – we were always welcome). She led a Bible study this past summer, talking about strengthening our marriages. She’s been a great friend.

All along, she knew she’d probably have to move again because of her hubby’s job. But the job move (i.e. promotion – yay, Jared!) came much sooner than anyone expected, so they’re promptly headed back to Ohio.

We threw them a little bash at church to say goodbye. And because Jesse likes owls (she can actually speak to them, and they speak back…really), I made her this cupcake-cake.

Aren’t the little baby owls cute?

And just so you can see my precious friend, here we are…

Love you, Jessalyn! Excited to see God’s amazing plan for your future unfold!

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  1. It is hard when friends move. It is even harder when it is you that moves. That day will be coming soon…

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