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2nd Annual Ohio Girls’ Weekend

This past weekend, two girlfriends and I drove down to Cleveland-ish, Ohio to visit a dear friend who moved away about 18 months ago.

This is a picture from our trip last November:

And here’s the updated one:

Do we look older now? Kidding, kidding. If you’re smart, you won’t answer that question. 😉

A few things I just noticed from comparing the two pictures…
1. Kisha likes to wear pink and black.
2. Jesse (in the first picture) and I (in the second picture) match.
3. We look more tired in the second picture. I think that’s because we stayed up all hours of the night talking and giggling.

Here’s a better one from this year:

This is going to sound vain and probably dumb, but I like my left side better. I think I look like two different people, depending on which side of my head you’re taking a picture of.

Anyway, moving on…

We arrived Friday evening and left Sunday after lunch, and in the in-between we ate a LOT and talked a LOT and laughed a LOT and shopped and ate popcorn and had gourmet cupcakes and talked and laughed and tried on clothes at an upscale consignment shop and ate and laughed. And we slept. A little.

OH, and pedicures.

Jesse’s husband Jared – bless him! – bought us girls pedicures. See?

Here are our pretty toes. Can you tell which ones are mine?

On Sunday, we attended church with Jared and Jesse and their kids, and then they treated us to lunch before we hit the road to come home. Here are Jared and their daughter, and then Jesse and their son.

I’m thankful for sweet friends, no matter how far away they live!

{We love you, Prentisses! Thanks for welcoming us into your home again!}


  1. Yep, I can tell! Such a fun experience. So glad you have such good friends who are willing to go the “extra” mile. Love the whole update!

  2. I feel the same way about the whole “better side” deal.. except I prefer my right over my left.
    Miss Jesse too:)
    Glad you ladies keep in touch.

  3. My left side is my best too! Though that had a lot to do with my teeth, so maybe that will change now that I have braces!

    I love that God has blessed you with awesome friends, and that you are such an awesome friend to visit them even though they live far away!

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