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Adventivities: Days 1-5

We’re living it up at the Rumley house now that the celebration of Jesus’ birthday is ON! We have a little advent calendar (thank you, Joann Fabric after-Christmas clearance from last year), and we have the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Each day, we’re taking in an advent reading from the plan posted here. See? Here’s Luke reading to the kids one evening.

We highly recommend this Bible for children. Not only are the illustrations beautiful and more ethnically accurate (Jesus was NOT an Anglo-Saxon, folks), but the content is great, too. It presents Scriptural events in the light of Jesus’ coming. Notice the subtitle? “Every story whispers His name.”

Along with the reading, we’re also doing a small-to-medium activity from our advent calendar. Sometimes they have something to do with Jesus, but mostly they’re just fun, get-excited kind of activities.

Here’s what we’ve done so far…

Day 1: Make peppermint milkshakes for dessert.

YUM to the O, and super easy. And a bonus – the kids always love crushing things with my meat mallet. 😉

Day 2: Visit the dollar store to shop for your siblings for Christmas.

Don’t worry, Melissa, Karl, Alonna, Dan, Em, Erin, Tobin, Betsey, Micah, Zach, or Elyse. This one was just for our kiddos. Your gifts are not from the dollar store. 🙂

I also didn’t take a picture of the event, but rest assured that our kiddos love visiting the dollar store, and they were so sweet to fund the event from their own “spending” jars.

Day 3: Turn the Christmas music UP and have a dance party!

Did it. Took pictures. Not allowed to post the pictures. 🙂

Day 4: Watch Elf and eat popcorn!

Also did it, without pictures. We <3 Elf, and yet I was so tired that I slept through the first half of it. Oops!

Day 5: Visit Frederik Meijer Gardens to see the Christmas trees!

We are very fortunate to have a membership to Frederik Meijer Gardens. We enjoy the children’s garden in the spring/summer/fall, the Christmas trees in winter, and the butterfly exhibit in the spring.

We partook of the Christmas tree exhibit tonight, and each person in our family chose their “favorite tree” to take a picture with. Here we go…

Ava’s favorite: Korea. Score one for Uncle Dan!

Luke’s (and Jaden’s) favorite: Spain. I think Luke felt an affinity for this one because of its great height.

Grace’s favorite: Slovak Republic. It made Luke and me think of our friends, the Rices, who live there.

Caleb’s favorite: Africa. Not sure why a whole continent only got one tree to represent?

My favorite: Ukraine. It was mostly decorated in white, with spider web decorations all over it. Look up the Ukrainian legend about the Christmas tree spider webs sometime. Pretty cool.

Grace’s and my second favorite: Iceland. It was really gorgeous, decorated in whites and silvers, with red ornaments interspersed.

Caleb and Ava’s 2nd favorite: [I cannot remember the country – oops!]

That’s all for now. Day Six is coming…

And the ultimate purpose of all of these things is to ANTICIPATE THE COMING of our LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST! We are SO ASTOUNDED at His incarnation!


  1. Love it! I really wouldn’t mind a dollar store present, as long as it was edible. Maybe Ava is a lot like me… both of her trees are my favorite! Though, Luke and Jaden’s is pretty cool too. I wouldn’t be able to take the spider tree… even though it is very pretty. :).
    I want pictures from dance party.
    Anywho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    -Aunt Elyse/Elyse

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