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Ava’s 5th Birthday: The Actual Day

Our little girl turned 5 about a month ago. I still can’t believe how tall and grown up she’s looking these days.

On the actual day of her birth, she requested heart-shaped scones for breakfast, just like those we had on Valentine’s Day.

For dinner, she requested BLUE chicken and rice (that is, chicken and rice casserole with blue food coloring), green beans, and dinner rolls.

There she is with her red plate and chosen dinner foods. Sorry for the blur. If you squint a lot, it’s not so bad. 😉

Did you notice that she dressed up for the day?

Yes, our little girly girl LOVES to dress up. In that picture, she was opening gifts.

She had been begging us for a while to be able to get her little ears pierced…And here she is after Grace read our card to her, which said, “Let’s go get your ears pierced now!”

She was SO excited.

And she was SO brave during the piercing. She didn’t cry at all.

See her little pink sparkly earrings?

Our baby girl is growing up.


  1. Elyse says: “I swear that girl is related to me. On one of my birthdays I wore a sparkly scarf like hers. AND, I got my ears pierced recently on MY birthday. AND, I don’t remember what I was going to say next. Ava, you’re a cutie pie! And I love your face when Grace read your card to you. LOVEYOUBYE!”

  2. I love this post! Happy belated birthday, Ava!

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