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Entryway Board and Batten

I like our entryway. It’s large enough that when people come over, they can comfortably stand and take off their coats without feeling really squished.

But it needed some pizzazz.

You already saw the TP art. That helped.

And then (with the help of some friends who actually know things about home remodeling), we moved on to Board and Batten! Woo-hoo!

So, here are the {before} pictures…

Note: This is NOT a tutorial. If you want the specifics on how to get ‘er done, you can check out some other sites. This is purely inspirational. 🙂

So, to start, my beautiful friend Amber and I painted the wall white. THREE TIMES. Who knew it would need that many coats?!

Pretty huh?

At this point, are you wondering how we managed to paint three coats with SIX kids (ages 7,5,4,2,2,and 1) in the house? Yeah, I’ve been wondering that, too. We mostly banished them to the basement, which proved to be a smart move after one of the kiddos hurled a football into one of the freshly painted walls.

Next, it was our awesome husbands’ time to shine.

Or work. Whatever you want to call it.

They measured. They cut. They nailed. It was great fun.

Meanwhile, Amber and I tried to clean some stains off my couch cushions (mostly put there by both of our 2-year-old boys). We were going to use her Bissell Little Green Machine.

Pardon the poor quality of that picture. I took it at 1am. Yes, the portion of the project that we started AFTER church on Wednesday night went a little long.

Moving on…

The machine wasn’t working. Amber took it completely apart, and it still wasn’t working. So, we got out a spray bottle to spray the cleaner on.

And after she scrubbed for a good ten minutes, she asked, “These covers don’t come off, do they?”

And suddenly, I remembered! There are zippers on the cushions! The only reason I know that is because I’m careful to put the zipper toward the couch when I put the cushions back from the kiddos playing “fort” 1,000 times a week.

It’s NOT because I’ve ever unzipped those zippers. Nope, in the 7-1/2 years we’ve owned that couch, the zippers have stayed all snug and zipped up.

So, when Amber asked that question, and I remembered that the covers DO come off the cushions, she might have said,

“I am going to kill you!”

I guess she was getting grumpy from the late hour and maybe all that work she’d just done to my couch, when in reality we could have just removed the covers and WASHED THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE.


So, we did remove them. See?

And now I will show you the grossest picture I have ever posted on this blog…This is what the water looked like in the tub when we threw the covers in with some Dawn, vinegar, and peroxide to soak…Remember, this is 7-1/2 years of “stuff.”

Next time I’m at Amber’s house, I’m going to do this to her couch cushion covers, just so I can feel better about myself. (Or, if hers aren’t nasty, I will go into a deep depression. It’s worth a try, anyway.)

Well, eventually, Luke and I were relegated to cleaning up, while Ted and Amber finished the actual work.

If you noticed Ted’s facial expression, you may have already started praying for their marriage…But don’t worry, they’re doing great. I’m just going to attribute his supposed scowl to my poor photography skills and the late hour.

And eventually…Finally…We were done!

And it is beautiful! I LOVE IT!

What’s the next project?!

Just kidding…I think Luke’s done with project mode for a while.

Oh, and just so you don’t miss out on this spectacle…Here’s a really blurry picture of Ted modeling the new entryway. I think he was pleased with his work, don’t you?


  1. I love it!!!!! It looks wonderful! I bet you will be sad when you sell this stellar house… Of course you will be happy, too!!! BTW I am super interested in how the couch turned out. Did that make it look really clean??? I am thinking of trying. Also, how hard is it to return the covers on the cushions??

    • I will let you know. The covers are still drying, and I AM a little nervous that they won’t go back on. Just to be safe, I only dried them in the dryer for 10 minutes to get the wrinkles out, and then I hung them to dry. I’ll have to do another post with “after” pictures when they’re done.

  2. Yeah, I think I’d be afraid to wash my cushion covers for fear that the dirt on the remainder of the couch’s upholstery (the parts withOUT zippers) would then be magnified. 🙂 The entryway looks fantastic!! Howbout we just trade houses?

    • Dana, don’t tease me! I would trade houses with you in a heartbeat!!!

      I’ll have to let you know about the remaining dirt on the couches. I’m guessing it’ll be more noticeable, but I haven’t put them back on yet.

  3. Awesome! Awesome! I love it! I think this will really help you sell your house. It adds some nice pizzaz to the entryway.

  4. Looks awesome! Now I am scared of my couch cushions. They don’t zip off…

    • Michelle, just pretend like you never read this post. Ignorance is bliss. 🙂 No, really, I never had any intention of taking my covers off. I just have a really hard-working friend who was here to make it happen. Want me to send her to Wyoming for you? 🙂

  5. are you kidding me. we are friends with Ted and Amber. Love them. such a small world!

  6. oh my gosh that is awesome, y’all did an amazing job! Beautiful!

    So, I just checked my couch cushions to see if they have zippers, and, um, yes we do! I had NO idea! Guess there is an easier way to clean my couch now 😮

    • Thanks! And SURPRISE! about the zippers. If you do take the covers off, remember not to dry them in the dryer…otherwise you risk shrinking them, and I can’t even begin to imagine squeezing them back onto the cushions if they shrank. 🙂

  7. How did the covers go back on? How much Dawn and other products did you outing the water?

    • Hi, Sara! The covers weren’t too difficult to get back on…but I did notice that the few tears I had in the covers previous to the washing were made worse by the washing machine. We have since moved and now have front-loading machines, so I’d probably put them on the gentle/hand-wash cycle if I did it again. As far as the Dawn/vinegar/peroxide goes, we didn’t measure. We just squirted/poured it in there while the water was running. I don’t think you can go wrong! Good luck! 🙂

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