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Fun in Fremont

A few weeks ago, my Ohio-living friend Jesse was in Fremont for their spring break. So, the kids and I took a day off school to load up and drive up there to visit. A couple of other girlfriends – Kisha and Stephanie – also brought their kiddos up, and we all had a dashing time.

First of all, Jesse’s in-laws live in a beautiful farm house. Beautiful! I thought of you a lot, Mom Rumley! You would have loved it!

True to Jesse’s laid-back, fun style, we got dirty. We had fun riding on their quads. Jaden carried a pretend gun around a lot.

The THIRTEEN kids we had with us got to climb on lots of different farm/earth-moving equipment that Jesse’s dad-in-law owns. They loved it.

(Okay, the three babies didn’t actually climb anything.) 🙂

On the way there, Caleb told me something like, “Mom, I don’t want Dodge to be in the same room as me.” Dodge is Jesse’s energetic dog. And Caleb has never been all that fond of dogs.

Until this trip.

He ended up playing fetch with Dodge for a really long time. I’m so thankful that he’s feeling more at ease with animals now…and so hoping he doesn’t beg for a pet for the rest of his growing up years.

Actually, he already told me, “I’m going to have to move out of your house when I grow up, because I want a dog.” 🙂

I wish I had gotten some better pictures of the four of us girls together (Jess, Kish, Steph, and me). But I’m thankful that we were able to spend this time together. What a blessing it is to have godly friends to spend time with!

I’ll end with a picture of the lady of the hour (Jesse), holding Kisha’s baby (Jacob).


  1. You are right – I would love that house! Maybe our next one – one can hope! Jaden is so cute! A real “man” on those machines. Glad Caleb is getting over his fear of dogs. But, just like the rest of the Rumleys – he will eventually get himself a dog! Love the picture of all the children (minus one, if I counted right). Thirteen children in one place – yikes! So glad you have such good friends to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. Can’t get any better than that!

  2. that looks like a blast ! Bet those kids slept like babies!

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