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Happy 3rd birthday, Jaden!

My sweet baby boy,

You turned THREE yesterday! I can hardly believe it! This birthday is bittersweet to me, because now it seems that the baby/toddler phase of our lives is ending! You are definitely not a little baby anymore. You run along with your brother and sisters, keeping up with them pretty well. And you’re a smart little guy – articulate and quick to learn. I’m thankful for that! But you’re not a baby anymore.

In fact, today you’re wearing big boy undies. Because you decided you want to be a big boy. I’m ready to stop buying diapers. I guess I’d better be ready to stop having a baby at home.

If I had to describe you with one word it would be DELIGHTFUL. You make me laugh so often, with the funny things you say and do. Lately, you’ve been hiding your face in embarrassment whenever I giggle at your funny antics. I hope you realize I laugh with joy, not because I’m making fun of you. You bring smiles and laughter to my life, just like your daddy does.

I’m proud of you for learning to ride the little black bike (with training wheels) ALL BY YOURSELF last week. You’re amazing! Pretty soon you’ll be zooming around without the training wheels, I’m sure.

As you grow, Jaden, daddy’s and my prayer is that you will grow to become a boy (and then a man) who loves and serves Jesus with all of his heart. Let Jesus use your fun personality and your smarts for His glory. That will be the BEST way to live!

I love you with all of my heart,

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  1. What a precious boy! What a precious tribute to a delightful grandson. We so enjoy getting to know you. We also pray that you will be a man of God. I guess your Dad turned out pretty well, we pray you will too. Thanks, Lacey, for loving our grandchildren and our son. You’re the best!

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