Dear Caleb,

Has it really been SIX years since you entered our lives?

I will always remember feeling huge as a whale, 8 days past my due date, and going swimming at a Sunday School class party. I was the only woman who swam, and I weighed a million pounds. But the happy news is, I woke up in the middle of the night with contractions, and 5 hours later, you were born!

We called you our “man cub,” and couldn’t have been happier to have a little boy in our lives.

You haven’t disappointed us!

You are so much like your daddy and Uncle Zach. You are a hard worker, and very diligent at making sure you do things correctly. When you start something, you do it carefully and well until it’s finished. (Or you freak out and start over. That happens sometimes, too.) 🙂 That’s why your handwriting is beautiful, and learning to read has gone so well. That’s also probably why you were my easiest child to potty train so far (a few years ago, of course)!

Right now you LOVE baseball. Your birthday presents were almost all baseball-related. I’m super excited for you to go to your very first major league baseball game this month with your daddy. Daddy went with Grandpa Rumley when he was a kid, and now you get to continue the tradition with your daddy. I know you’ll have a really fun time. (Go Tigers!)

Most of all, I love your tender heart for God and His Word. You do a great job at memorizing Scripture…but more than that, you often apply Scripture you’ve learned to real life. That thrills my heart, dear son!

As you grow older, Daddy and I still pray that you will be a boy who is WHOLEHEARTEDLY devoted to God, just like your namesake – the Caleb of the Bible.

We love you, Buddy. Happy birthday!