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Happy (belated) Hearts Day!

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

It’s a Hallmark holiday, yes. It can be very cheesy, yes.

But we’re all about the silly holidays this year, folks. The kids are loving them.

After the kiddos went to bed on Valentine’s Eve, I decorated. This is what they awoke to the next morning…

Pom-poms hanging from the ceiling. A helium balloon tied to each chair. Valentine’s Day plates, decorations, personalized cards, gifts…

For breakfast, we had heart-shaped scones. Yum.

Lunch? Heart-shaped pb&j. (SO easy – just cut the corners off the bottom of the bread. I actually bought a loaf of store-bought bread for the first time in maybe 2 years to do this!)

Dinner…You’ll never guess…Kidding. It was heart-shaped meatloaf.

Can I just pause to say that Valentine’s Day has endless possibilities of decorations and food compared to Groundhog Day?

Okay, back to the dinner picture. Heart-shaped meatloaf, hasselback potatoes, and broccoli. (I love broccoli.)

And please, can I beg of you? In the name of all that is right, PLEASE don’t just use ketchup on the top of your meatloaf. It is SO, SO, SO much more flavorful to use a combination of ingredients (ketchup, a little mustard, brown sugar, and honey…YUMMO). If you want the exact recipe, let me know.

Dessert was the typical and tasty chocolate-covered strawberries. YUM again.

And I was happy to replace the centerpiece with these beautiful flowers from my sweetheart.

We read some library books about love. We talked about how the GREATEST love is that of God, who sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for OUR sins. “God is love,” right?

So, even though we are called to love one another EVERY day, we’re also thankful for a day that we can focus on God’s love for us and our love for one another. And we love to celebrate!


  1. Elyse says: “That’s so cool! The meatloaf looked delicious. The flowers are really pretty. What are the pom-poms made out of?”

    • Elyse – next time we’re together, we can make some to hang in your room, if you’d like! They’re made out of tissue paper, so they’re super cheap and easy!

  2. How fun to see these pics, because our table looked so similar, I had to smile. 🙂 Pom poms from the ceiling, and our heart-shaped mylars were tied to gaudy red plastic “wine” glasses filled with strawberry milk… the card and valentines bag at each place (I heart the dollar store)… and I did spaghetti in the shape of a heart, and heart-shaped cheesy garlic biscuits. Hahaha, some day our kids will look back and laugh at our corniness – I mean – creativeness. 🙂

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