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Homeschooling: Activity Sticks

We have four major rules during school, complete with hand motions, which we recite at least daily.

  • Stay focused!
  • Be diligent!
  • Raise your hand to get out of your seat!
  • Keep your dear mother happy!

(My inspiration for this and a few other teaching techniques comes from this amazing woman. Love it!)

When our kiddos keep these rules, and we have successful learning happening here at the Rumley house, they are allowed to choose one popsicle stick from our activity jar (pictured above).

Don’t tell them, but here are all the activities listed on the sticks:

I haven’t told them what activities are in there. They’re just finding out as we go. I think they love the surprise.

Today, after a very productive morning, Grace drew “Have a dance party for 1 song,” so we all went downstairs and danced around. That was a great break for all of us (although I might have done more dancing than the kids). 😉

I can imagine that these activity sticks would be helpful for littles who aren’t in school yet, too. Let me know the outcome if any of you, my faithful readers, try them!

*Inspiration for these sticks came from this pin.*

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  1. What a great idea, Lacey! I’ve seen it on Pinterest, but didn’t think about using it in connection with homeschooling – just more of a summer activity! =)

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