We are unbelievably touched by the generous people that have already committed to supporting our trip. Look over there ———>. See that? We’re at 28% already! Woo-hoo! Praise God!

I want to tell you one really cool story of God’s provision and a friend’s generosity.

Our sweet friend Lindsey is a college student, entering her sophomore year this fall. She was also the caretaker for our kids for a whole week while we were on our last trip in 2010. She’s a great girl.

Today she was nannying for two kiddos (plus a friend), and they decided to make a lemonade/cookie stand. So, Linds baked cookies, made lemonade, and then they spent a few hours selling their goods.

The intention was to buy some school supplies for a back-to-school charity in town. But when they went to the store, they found out that the charity fundraiser was overwith.

So they came to our house to give us an envelope with $59 in it from their hard work this afternoon.

We are so blessed to know this girl.

We are also so impressed by the way that Lindsey taught these kiddos a great lesson in hard work and generosity today.

Thanks, Linds! We love you!

the lemonade stand