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My baby is turning THREE!

Jaden’s third birthday is tomorrow. But we celebrated tonight, because we have a regular commitment at church on Tuesday nights.

We usually let the birthday child choose their own dinner. But Jaden doesn’t like to eat. When asked what food he likes to eat best, he answered, “Nothing.” And it’s pretty much true.

So, Luke made omelets. I made homemade bread. We had some fruit. And we had the one thing that Jaden actually asked for: chocolate cake with a tractor on top. Boy, does he love those John Deere tractors. I guess Uncle Karl has trained him well.

I love that little boy. (Ahem. Jaden, not Karl. Well, I love Karl like a brother. You know what I mean.)

Stay tuned for the annual “birthday letter.” 🙂


  1. Happy Birthday, Jaden!!!

  2. Happy bday, bud! Chocolate cake is definitely a good thing to love :). Someday I hope your tastes expand to love all of the amazing things there are to eat in this big world…but I will always share your love of chocolate. Always. 🙂

  3. You just can’t go wrong with cake. Solid choice, Jaden! Happy birthday, big guy!!!! 🙂

    Aunt Betsey

  4. Happy Birthday, Jaden!!

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