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Remember to pray for Gracie on Wednesday!

Gracie’s endoscopy/biopsy is Wednesday morning (8am arrival, 9am procedure). Please pray with us for her safety, and for the truth to be revealed.

I was looking at this cookbook this afternoon, and the foreword was written by a gastroenterologist from the Cleveland Clinic. This quote about celiac disease caught my attention:
“Those who were characterized as potential (pre-celiac) had never had an abnormal biopsy but tested positive when specific antibody testing was done. At least one publication has reported that seven of seven patients who would qualify as potential celiacs developed an abnormal biopsy within one to three years.”

God only knows, and He certainly has a plan! But if that study is correct, it looks like the times are changin’ again!


  1. We will pray! Grace has been on the calendar since we heard. Be strong, Grace! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  2. Praying for Grace!

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