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Repurposed: Another Dress to Skirt Transformation!

I was so inspired after my last sewing success that I rummaged through my closet for another dress I could change.

And I found one. Yay!

I bought this dress on clearance at Meijer for $5 a few years ago. Clearly I am not a brand snob.

The look just didn’t work for me, with the long sleeves and the hood.

So I gave it the old chop-eroo.

This is what was left:

I should have taken pictures for the actual sewing part, but I’ll just have to describe what I did.

First, I hemmed the top of the skirt to create a channel (like last time). Except, this time I sewed the entire channel shut. (On purpose, I promise.) Then I used sharp scissors to cut two little slits in the front of the skirt.

I pulled the string out of the leftover hoodie part, attached a safety pin to it, and threaded it through the channel (into one slit and out the other).

Then, I used the leftover sleeves to make a ruffle at the bottom. I just cut the sleeves into pieces of equal height, sewed them together, and then used a long stitch length (with no backstitching) to sew across the top of the long piece of fabric. Then, I pulled one of the two threads, to make a ruffle.

I attached the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt, and….


It’s super comfortable, and the only thing I would have liked better is if it was floor-length. Hey, for free, I’m pretty happy with it! 🙂

So, do you have any old clothes lying around that you can repurpose?


  1. Way to go! Two new skirts in such a short time and for nearly nothing! I’m impressed.

    Can I send you an old dress of mine to convert into an asymmetric hem skirt?? Pretty please? Just kidding; I’ll eventually get around to it, or at least to buying one.

  2. I love the creations! I am trying to get my machine back out these days and make a bunch of things, but I haven’t attempted clothes yet….just burp cloths, blankets, hats, and other fun fleece creations. I am very inspired! Seriously, we need to move back to GR…we could sew, coupon, do church functions together…..and now go to the gym as well!!!

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