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Repurposed: Dress to Skirt Transformation

I found this super cute dress on the “free” table at church. I love the tiers, and the material, and the lightness for summer. I didn’t love the spaghetti straps, though, or the fact that it was a size too large.

See? Not too cute on me. (Thanks, Grace, for the pic!)

So, I ripped out the zipper.

And I cut off the top, using my rotary cutter/mat.

I sewed up the seam where the zipper had been.

Then I folded over a small hem at the top, pressed it, and sewed it, to prevent fraying.

Next, I folded over about 1-1/2 inches at the top, pressed it, and sewed it at the bottom to create a channel for the elastic.

Elastic? What’s that?

No, really, I only had a few inches of elastic (and my waist certainly isn’t that small), so I had to improvise with ribbon (for a drawstring).

If you use ribbon, be sure to use fire to “seal” the ends so they won’t fray.

I’m looking forward to getting elastic, because I’m sure it will fit more snugly.

Turns out the “extra large” dress is perfect for a “large” skirt…Probably because I have extra large hips (which I started being thankful for when I birthed 10lb babies!). 🙂



  1. Elyse says: “I like it!”

    Mom says: “You go, girl! Beautiful! I don’t like spaghetti straps either, the skirt is so cute. Much better use of the fabric. I love the whole outfit! Good job!”

  2. Love it! Nice work, Lacey. I am fascinated by re-purposing that is done well. Way to take risks and try new projects!

  3. Lovely. You are very talented. I wish I had your creative mind in order to see potential in things.

    • Hi, Chongo! I’ve been thinking of you and Don as we started another FPU class recently. Thanks for the sweet compliment – what an encouragement to me!

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