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Rumleys – 0, the Plague – 7

Ava’s down for the count.

Pray for strength for Luke, since he’s dealing with this one on his own. I have a fever and feel awful. I asked Luke to kill me now, but he refused.

Earlier today he told me, “In sickness and in health, right?” It made me cry. I’m awfully blessed by this man.


  1. I love you, Rumleys! I’m so sorry you all are so sick. I hope to hear you all are 100% tomorrow! Or at least by the time the weekend is over.

  2. so sorry your family has been getting hit so hard with this. hope you are feeling well!

    • Thanks, Chrissy. I think we’re on the mend, but I don’t want to get my hopes up yet. 🙂

      Okay, so I Facebook stalked you…and we have a few friends in common (all Cornerstone University connections for me, but maybe Calvary Church for you?)…So I feel like you and I should know each other, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t met. Am I right? Please remind me if we have, and I’ll be really apologetic! 🙂

      You’re doing the She Sparkles Scripture memory, right?

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