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Shoeboxes of Love

We know Christmas is around the bend when we break out our plastic shoeboxes and all the little treasures I’ve been collecting throughout the year…Little toys, toothpaste, school supplies from August, candy from Halloween clearance, etc.

In past years, we’ve put together four shoeboxes and given them all to Operation Christmas Child, a great ministry. But last year we discovered that we can send shoeboxes of goodies to our sponsored children in Haiti! Woot, woot!

So, this year Jaden packed a box for Operation Christmas Child, and the other three kiddos packed boxes for their sponsored children in Haiti.

(When I say “their” sponsored children, I don’t mean that the kids give financially to our sponsorships…although, maybe someday God will lay it on their hearts to do that. What I mean is, we have sponsored three children – a girl who is 2 days younger than Grace, a boy who is 1 month older than Caleb, and a girl who is about a month younger than Ava. This way, it’s like our kids have Haitian siblings to pray for and love on. It’s worked well for us so far. Jaden will get his Haitian sibling – Lord-willing – when he turns 5, as has been the tradition so far.)

Today we dropped off the three boxes at Baptist Haiti Mission in Rockford.

We are so excited to know that our sweet kiddos will have some treats and gifts this Christmas. Most of all, we’re happy to know that they will learn about Christ’s birth.

We also dropped off Jaden’s box. And although we don’t have pictures of the boy who will receive this box, we’re happy to know that he, too, will hear about Jesus.

Toys and candy are fun gifts, but Jesus is the GREATEST gift of all. It’s the least we can do to share His love with the children He loves!

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  1. How FUN! This will be something to consider for Bristol in the future.

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